Animate to Drive Your Audience with a Powerful Message

Growing demand of adapting technology, digital devices, moving interfaces, motion design or animations have become the obvious choice for creatives options. After Effects, Edge Animate, jQuery etc. tools are used to develop animations but that doesn’t mean if some company is offering the services, they master the craft like we do, we’re into animation design for years.


Kickoff Session for Ideas

In order to keep the process of animation design collaborative, we make it fun with a kickoff session. In this session, every team member pour in his or her ideas. Before filtering, we normally get a creative or a brief or some related information from the client. However, sometimes we do get scripts or voiceovers and we take this session where we follow the direction yet add our playful twists depending upon the industry or niche.

Scripting of Ideas

What should be the story of the animation video or what message would it contain? Client or the agency interested in getting the work done, supplies the draft as they know the story / message pretty well than us. Sometimes we get their ideas and tone it down to something creative and meaningful.



Sometimes we get references from clients and sometimes just a theme brief. We craft designs as per the client requirement and then bring them to life by animating them. How we envisage the final film, we showcase it to client in the form of one or more style frames. This gives us the opportunity to seek feedback.


Storyboards are the building blocks in our process of animation design. Gives a clear idea how the voice over of the animation with match with the visual elements. It is provided in the PDF format.

For an overview, key scenes are mapped out to see how the animation will support the word script. Later, the final storyboard is shared with the client to see if he is happy with the path we are following.



A fully timed out rough film is prepared by pulling together all the elements. Purpose is to demonstrate the time it’s taking, flow, key movements and transitions. VO is also imposed in the animations to see if everything is synchronizing well. This phase is the decisive one as it almost depicts what the final product will look-like.

Production and Sign Off

Prepared animations get their fine-tuning this stage and after the refinements, animation design goes to production. All of the above phases must be completed by this point as afterwards nothing can be reverted. It is possible to step back but then it costs time and effort both from clients’ side. That’s why, we keep client involved at every stage, so after delivering the finished product we finally sign off.

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