Flawless Game Design and Development

Engage, entertain and inspire your target audience through AR/VR mobile apps. We have created experiences for every technology and platform. Our developers are passionate in bringing forth addictive app functionality and gameplays in AR/VR. Goodness of these technologies can not only be reaped from games but AR/VR can play role in business optimization.

VR, AR, and MR are evolving fast and their expansion has implications far beyond just entertainment. Starting from customer behavior and engagement to handling complex work processes, we’ll help you embrace the benefits of these technologies.


Engage Audience and Boost Sales

It’s our claim that a business can increase up to 20% of sales by enabling its audience to interact with the products and services virtually. Our VR team will help you design realistic and virtual demos to give ultimate buying experience to your customer.

Elevate productivity of the employees via hands-free headset and real-time technologies. Automate workflows like inventory monitoring, assembly line, logistics, etc. hence giving workers smart AR/VR/MR technologies to manage their daily tasks. Test models or any new product on VR/AR/MR and save time and cost.

Collaboration Strategies and Their Effectiveness

Face to face communication has been improvised by our AR/VR technologies. Conference calling has paved way for enhanced communication. We help you save travel expenses on business trips with scheduled conference meetings ensuring presence of clients, co-workers etc.

Our optimized training programs are helping employees to update their skillset. Training sessions are no more outdated rather companies can seek for our dynamic practices of VR/AR to get better at interaction. Bazingo Inc. deploys learning simulation in an immersive environment, and realistic visualization, that’s an innovative way to educate your employees and colleagues either in-house or distantly.


How We Work

Research and Analysis

Compatible yet innovative solutions have been searched for every business which shows interest. Our R&D experts segregate models, tools and the practices required for the implementation of VR/AR.

Custom Software Development

We build applications for VR and AR headsets and accessories, also offer hands-free experience for VR/AR, mobile apps development to cut costs on extra hardware. We apply our extensive research and our team’s vast skillset to devise a custom software best fit for your business and industry needs.

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