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blockchain development services

How Blockchain Technology is Changing the Way Businesses Operate?

Let’s face the fact: blockchain will change the businesses. Unlike past, blockchain may be the new internet. It isn’t just about Bitcoin or a way of cryptocurrency circulation, rather a revolutionary way of managing information / data. There is a radical ...

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How I Can Convert Holidays Emails Well?

Holidays are here and just like 2017, you can expect earning millions during each day of November. This is not just a random statement. Emails attracted 20% more traffic to websites last year during the holiday season.

Also, stats show us that Read More

WordPress Plugins for Customer Support and Live Chat

There is no hidden secret in the fact that customer support is a major part of ecommerce sales. If you aren’t treating your customers with care, it will reflect on your profit margins. WP plugin...

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Prepare Your Store for Upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays are good cashing opportunities for ecommerce business. November is that time of the year where most of the people buy stuff at discounted prices. And, do you know $1 billion were sold collectively by Read More

wordpress analytics plugin

Best Analytics Plugins for WordPress Ecommerce Website

As a marketer, blogger or an entrepreneur, you want maximum impact of traffic for your ecommerce website. Without measurement tools, it is very difficult to assess which one of the products or categories are performing best in comparison to others.


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unique selling point

What is Unique Selling Proposition for an Ecommerce Business?

A unique selling proposition sets the product apart from the market or the competitors. To identify USP of a product or ecommerce business, find the market gap.

In marketing campaigns, onli...

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magento compatibility issues

Get to Know Common Magento Compatibility Issues

When you get a perfect module, you may think the website won't face any trouble any time soon. Even in such scenarios, compatibility issues arise because of various factors.

Magento compatibility when there is a conflict between two...

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4 Brilliant Ways of Increasing Average Order Value for Ecommerce Store

You are making hard efforts and spending money endlessly on Google Ads, but why face all such trouble when there is less agonizing way of increasing revenue? Increase average order value (AOV) and see the revenue graph going up.

Here are ways of inc...

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Low Investment Business Ideas You Can Start Today

When a venture consumes little to none financial investment in the start, it decreases the pressure on an entrepreneur for getting successful. That’s why we will focus on low investment business ideas here.

You bought a stock, packed, picked and del...

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3 Killer Hacks for Selling Trending Products Online

Before a certain product ‘catch a wave’ and becomes trending, you should get one step ahead. You should know which product will get on the peak. Growing sales factor is totally dependent on the fact that you know the trend before it arrives. Selling trend...

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