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How Can I Build an Email List of Subscribers Before Launching a Shopify Product?

Preparing an email list of subscribers before launching a product is a wise move. In fact, in the recent past, we have seen many such successful products. Through emails, you can get the feedback before actually the product into the market.


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ecommerce marketing trends in 2019

3 Ecommerce Marketing Trends to Watch Out in 2019

One fact is true for sure i.e. the way you do marketing today may not cause any effect tomorrow but it pays off. Especially if you planned considering your target audience.

In 2019, you may hear about more implications of artificial intelligen...

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web page speed

How Can I Optimize Web Page Speed?

A website when starts making money, one of the primary concerns an ecommerce merchant has is the web performance. Often, website speed slows down and results in delayed requests.

A slow website drops down your conversion rate. In this blog, we...

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6 Free Web Design Tools for Beginners

Everyone has an opinion on web design when it comes under discussion because design is subjective. It takes only 50 milliseconds for a user to decide if he will trust a website or not. Also, if they like it, they will stay, otherwise they will leave. <...

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3 Must-Have Ways for Improving Mobile Conversions

In the year 2017, it was brought into the notice of marketers that out of 69% mobile generated traffic only 20% converted. In a recent Black Friday, largest or giant ecommerce retailers have narrowed the gap for mobile conversions.

Ecommerce website...

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Magento website

5 Quick Tips for Making the Most Out of Magento Website

Magento is the most popular online ecommerce platform powering Magento ecommerce stores online. The number of users and the size of the merchants have increased over time ever since 2008.

Unlike any other platform, Magento ecommerce website needs im...

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How to Write ICO White Paper? Important Steps Guide (Part 2)

ICO white paper is clear, concise and extensive details. As we discussed in our part 1, part 2 further entails, how you should work on problem, solution, tokenization, t...

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ICO white paper steps

How to Write ICO White Paper? Important Steps Guide (Part 1)

Sooner or later, blockchain will going to change the world. ICO is one of the core implications of Blockchain technology. Writing ICO white paper is the first step towards its development.

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How to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment? 4 Proven Ways

Every audience segment works differently but there are some common buying habits and preferences of shoppers. First as an ecommerce store owner, look out for the reasons of cart abandonment.

Here are few stats:

1- Extra shipping cost o...

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3 Simple Ways to Generate More Backlinks, More Traffic

Building backlinks for a Shopify store or any other ecommerce store take time but the results are long term. We have seen a lot of ecommerce store owners spending on optimizing PPC campaigns for Google and Facebook ad campaigns, and pay little attention t...

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