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Managed backups, what services my business need?

Hacks and data breaches have become big concern for organizations. Data loss caused by system crashes and natural disasters is also linked to the system management risks a business should think of.

The only preventive measure is managed backup.


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What should a PHP developer do to become a good programmer?

In one of the recent surveys, it has been found that nearly 20 million web domains use php. Facebook, Wikipedia, Baidu, Weibo, WordPress, Drupal, etc. are on php. This shows that php is not an only most in-demand backend server-side programming language b...

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Future of sales is in the hands of chatbots!

Cognitive abilities of the machines have made them smarter even than humans. Humans always wished to run their manual or repetitive errands with machines, thanks to chatbots innovation.

Sales department of companies has been revolutionized with mark...

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Supply chain management and blockchain

Do you need blockchain in supply chain business?

Probably, you will be asking this question because of two reasons. First, you don’t know what is blockchain. Second, you’re considering this new technology due to the hype it has generated over the last few years.

Blockchain is decentralized ledger ...

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How to create business intelligence (BI) strategy for your business?

Business intelligence strategy is used for operating businesses efficiently. BI gives comprehensive and data-driven solutions in order to define a clear roadmap.

From AI to data solutions, there could be many BI tools which could be used to achieve ...

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How robotic process automation (RPA) could be used in finance and accounting?

Robotic process automation activates software robots to automate business processes such as transactions, data manipulations, triggering required responses and more.

RPA bots are user-friendly as they only access UI without interfering with the unde...

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How to become a full stack developer? Top 3 tips

A full stack developer is someone who is aware of the layers of computer software technology. He can perform in any technical stack.

Such a developer might not be an expert at handling different languages but he has functional knowledge and by makin...

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The good and the bad, Angular Vs. React

To decide which one of the JavaScript frameworks is good for a web application is confusing. Since Angular and React both frameworks are with their pros and cons. Angular being the most extensive framework with all the handy tools and best practices wh...

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You should start with the site structure, here’s why?

If you want more traffic to come to your website, you should have one site structure defined. Or we can simply say, site visitors and Google should get a good sense out of your website. Structures are the crucial part of Read More