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ICO Is an Investment Risk, That’s Not True

Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) is the fastest growing form of investment whereas seeking funds from venture capitalists is a daunting task. Many label ICOs are risky for investments but they don’t know the capability and the true power the platform holds. ...

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Is UX of Your Ecommerce Website Destroying Conversion Rate?

More than 70% of the users are making purchases online. How does that impact your business? Clearly, it shows people are more into buying through their desktops and mobiles devices rather visiting brick and mortar stores.

Purchase behavior of a user...

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Some Design Ideas for Mobile App Menus

Users rely on menus for search of content and features. Menus are so crucial that you will find them on every website and mobile app you open. However, they are not developed or designed the same way.

Often we face issues with menu because some part...

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How to Promote ICO through PR and Marketing?

There is no denying in the fact that ICO will stay for long. As previously, there was a doubt in the growth of ICO based blockchain projects. However, everybody witnessed the success of ICOs in the year 2017 and now more and more startups are adopting the...

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How to Write Killer Product Descriptions for an Ecommerce Website?

At first, you may think that writing a product description isn't difficult. Just bang some words together along with specs and customers will come in flocks? How nice it sounds but things aren’t that simple.

Stand out from the ever-growing and busy ...

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Adding Motion to Mobile Screens Can Make a Big Difference

When a user interacts with a mobile app, he must learn and understand what you developed. Though interactions are small details but they impact on UX at large.

In the past few years, motions have become integral for mobile app design process. Compan...

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Do You Know Three Types of ICO Tokens?

ICOs have passed mind-staggering amount of $6.3 billion benchmark in April this year. Analysts believe that soon ICOs will become multi-trillion-dollar industry.

Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) is a fundraising model for startups. Through ICO, they rai...

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Know Why Your Ecommerce Business Is Not Performing

No business can survive without loyal buyers / customers.

Today, ecommerce business doesn’t just need a website, rather a well-designed, easy-to-navigate and responsive one. Whether it’s a change in product offering, redo of logo or change in graphi...

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Increase Ecommerce Sales in 2018 by Using These Tips

You built a website, promoted on Facebook and got a lot of traffic but no one is buying?

Ever happened to you?

Most of us think that if they have set up the ecommerce website and ...

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5 Common Screens in Popular Mobile Apps

Well, there isn’t any black and white blueprint for the development of the mobile application, yet there are some common practices followed by top mobile apps. For instance, you will find few s...

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