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ways for ico marketing

Know Smart Ways for Optimizing ICO Marketing

Decentralized market and ICOs are trending majorly because 2017 was the golden period and still in 2018, we are witnessing a boom in crowdfunding. A blockchain based crowdfunding platform cannot succeed without proper Read More

3 Ecommerce Marketing Truths You Can’t Ignore

You come across series of keywords when you search for ecommerce marketing. Such as growth, conversion, and traffic. Strong digital presence is inevitable in ecommerce industry.

Before ecommerce marketing, website design and development must match w...

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4 Tips on Selling Expensive Ecommerce Products

‘I can’t buy this product’, price is one of the preliminary things user concerns the most. No marketer wants customers think of their ecommerce product as ‘cheap’ or expensive’.

If a product is not doing well on an ecommerce website, one of the firs...

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Top 3 Applications of Big Data for Supply Chain Management Operations

Big data is no longer for marketing and sales only; it has enormous applications. Supply chain management is one of the sectors which could reap huge benefit from data science.

Traditional ways of supply chain management and Enterprise Resource Plan...

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Mobile App Design Navigation Must Be Self Evident

Mobile app design is not only about looks but the practicality and the navigation patterns. User experience pays you ultimately. A user cycle is all about how well a user can interact with the product and smoothly performs the said action.

There are...

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How to Participate in Token Generation Event? 3 Easy Steps

Many first-time buyers of token don’t know about crowd sales and even ICOs. Probably, they heard the term and the notion ‘ICOs are hot for investment’.

Is there a difference between ICO and token launch? Not really. They are used interchangeably and...

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Product Photography Tips: Help Your Customers Visualize What They Purchase

Ecommerce store can never gain a competitive edge until and unless it focuses on the products it sells. Visitors on your store can’t touch, feel or smell a product, the only way they could sense the ‘usability and beauty’ of your product is the photograph...

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How to Push Customers for Mobile App Spending? Tips Nobody Will Share

Customer acquisition brings more sales and profit. We hear this over and over again but fact is, mobile app spending through current customers is more only if you keep on improving the customer experience.

Sales generation is a daunt...

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Top 4 ICO Benefits of Investing in Cryptocurrencies

ICOs, on one hand, offer massive return on investment, but they are volatile and risky on the other hand. Although people are discussing ICOs and the cons associated with them but big financial institutions such as JPMorgan has started thinking of investm...

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How Pinterest Marketing Can Get More Traffic for an Ecommerce Business?

Ecommerce store owners should capitalize on all social platforms which are visual in nature such as Pinterest. That’s the place where their products can shine. It is quite a frustration if any of your social media platforms isn’t performing. The best c...

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