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How to Write ICO White Paper? Important Steps Guide (Part 2)

ICO white paper is clear, concise and extensive details. As we discussed in our part 1, part 2 further entails, how you should work on problem, solution, tokenization, t...

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ICO white paper steps

How to Write ICO White Paper? Important Steps Guide (Part 1)

Sooner or later, blockchain will going to change the world. ICO is one of the core implications of Blockchain technology. Writing ICO white paper is the first step towards its development.

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How to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment? 4 Proven Ways

Every audience segment works differently but there are some common buying habits and preferences of shoppers. First as an ecommerce store owner, look out for the reasons of cart abandonment.

Here are few stats:

1- Extra shipping cost o...

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3 Simple Ways to Generate More Backlinks, More Traffic

Building backlinks for a Shopify store or any other ecommerce store take time but the results are long term. We have seen a lot of ecommerce store owners spending on optimizing PPC campaigns for Google and Facebook ad campaigns, and pay little attention t...

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Google Campaign Power Tips for Black Friday Sales

Holiday season is the time when consumers flock onto the websites and purchase gifts online. The time period of 6-8 weeks is crucial for online merchants.

And this isn’t surprising that 40-50% of the annual sales are made through Black Friday sales ...

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Top 5 Bitcoin Wallets You Must Check

By now, you must have heard of Bitcoin. And some of you may possess Bitcoins too. Question is, where are you keeping those Bitcoins?

The immediate answer is on Bitcoin exchanges like Bitfinex, Binance, or so much so on hosted blockchain wallets such...

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How to Map Out Shipping Process during Seasonal Rush on Shopify Store?

Dream of every entrepreneur from ecommerce industry is to hit big on sales during the holiday season, whether it’s Black Friday or a Cyber Monday.

A record-breaking sale is possible if you map out ecommerce shipping process during the upcoming seaso...

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