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How Can I Track PayPal Transactions for Ecommerce Store?

PayPal is one of the most accepted and popular ways of transferring payments online. E commerce websites have PayPal integration but tracking the transactions exactly is one of the tricky tasks.

Best way of tracking payments of PayPal is through...

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online ecommerce store

Start Making Money Online by Choosing the Right Ways

It may be easy for you to think of online business ideas but execution is the key. You may have heard of CRM being populated in every other business emerging these days. But there are many ways of handling a business tactfully.

When you start a ...

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email marketing trends

5 Email Design Trends with High ROI

Email marketing is one of the leading sources among digital marketing channels for bringing leads. This year you can expect personalized and interactive email designs trending.

For crafting content of emails, machine learning and AI driven conte...

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5 Reasons Why You Should Opt for Digital Payments

Fact of the matter is; digital payment revolution has started and consumers are in their warm-up phase. Digitalization hasn’t completely taken over the finance or an ecommerce industry. In fact, online payments and e wallets are hottest trends yet to be p...

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digital payments

Digital Payments: Banks Have Started Relying on Real Time Payments (RTP)

We haven’t witnessed any drastic changes in banking areas except for payments in the last few years. Banks in Europe and developed countries are shifting from old legacy paradigm to digital or online payments.

These days, banks are catering with...

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big data for customer targeting

How Big Data Helps in Smart Customer Targeting?

Marketers have moved forward from traditional ways of marketing. With the advent of digital marketing, every step of a customer journey can be analyzed. And the accuracy level of customer engagement has improved with the help of predictive analysis, one o...

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From Where Do I Get Free Stock Photos for Website Design?

One easy way of improving a website is through free stock pictures. And we know there are variety of libraries available for free photos website design.

A small business owner is on a budget when he designs a website. Getting free stock photos i...

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