3 Actionable Marketing Tactics for Rapid Increase in Ecommerce Sales

Setting up a website and preparing marketing plan is easier said than done. Even you designed and developed an e-commerce website and have a basic marketing strategy, deciding which marketing channel will perform is very challenging.

That is the reason why, we have put together some of the actionable marketing tactics for ecommerce sales.

Keep in mind that brand awareness and penetration of your products in targeted segments of your audiences take year or more.

What is ecommerce marketing?

It is the practice where promotional tools and tactics are used for brand awareness and driving sales. Bringing traffic on an online store, traffic conversion i.e. turning visitors into customers and retaining them after post-purchase.

Basic Marketing Tactics

1-Upselling – Offer Premium Products

Upselling products is more like offering customers more than what he was originally considering. By knowing the needs of the customers, putting forth slightly more premium product is something which works most of the times.

And we have seen that for many businesses, upselling is way more easy and viable than acquiring new lot of customers. There are chances that your customer doesn’t know about your premium products. And by offering them those products, you are increasing the chances of a better purchase.

However, do consider the following 2 points while upselling any product:

  • Upsell product should relate to the original product.
  • Be sensitive about the customer price range.

2-Instagram – Engage Social Audience

The platform has more than 500 million active users daily. And, it is the fastest growing social networking site where more and more ecommerce businesses are divulging.

Take compelling product pictures, use suitable hashtags, and post in the prime time. These acts will help in building large Instagram following. And if you want organic growth, engage with your audience.

How can I engage with my audience? Run contests, ask questions, and more. Choose ‘shop now’ posts as this gives a user an instant path of purchase.

Shoppable Posts

3-An Email Recovery Campaign for Abandon Carts

There are many reasons for abandoning shopping carts, extra shipping cost, slow delivery, unsatisfactory return policy etc. You can give a push through recovery email campaign where you can offer free shipping or discounts on the products user has in his cart.

An email will act as a reminder and will persuade users for visiting the website again. This way, they can complete their original purchase.

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