3 Ecommerce Marketing Truths You Can’t Ignore

You come across series of keywords when you search for ecommerce marketing. Such as growth, conversion, and traffic. Strong digital presence is inevitable in ecommerce industry.

Before ecommerce marketing, website design and development must match with user criteria. We personally suggest do not pick time-consuming option of building a website from zero. There are ecommerce frameworks, hire Shopify expert or hire Magento expert as they know how to build a user-friendly website in a matter of no time.

Once done with the website design and development part, go head over heels for its marketing. Let us share some ecommerce marketing truths.

1- Answer customer concerns, be relevant and resonate emotionally

An obvious and simple thing you already know. But the more we go in depth, we can witness its complexity in implementation.

Ecommerce businesses change user behavior and if they wish so, they must work on product development and marketing based on user.

Your user is your ‘source’ of new idea and next experiment. User needs, thoughts and desires are motivation for building any product.

Already know that? Yeah, the statement we shared above is as old as time.

But look at it from a different angle. Pay attention to the surrounding environment of the customer where he lives in. They are distracted, overconsumed and on a move.

Do you know attention span of a consumer shorten over time? Be relevant and tackle personal personas. The way of selling a Mercedes SUV to a parent is drastically different than selling it to a CEO. When you are describing car to a mother or a parent, you will describe car LED lights as safety features but for a CEO you’ll claim the feature unique.

Not just relevant but resonate emotionally with the product. Made them feel that the product is manufactured for them.

2- Research and test, big data possibilities

Daily we consume so much data online and clearly, data can give us a right direction towards marketing. However, it can't give a straight-forward approach as in ‘best practice’.

Think of your key performance indicators twice. Number of views, clicks, visits and time spent on the website.

Metrics sometime give an impression that everything is going in a right direction. But one thing that metrics or data can’t tell is the experience as if user likes it or not. Maybe user visited a website once and never returned. Or they had spent a lot of their time on a website just because they were confused.

Find correlations in qualitative and quantitative user data.

3- Success is the result of the choices you make

McDonald's once tried launching pizza and there was number of years involved in the effort. Problem was, they ‘assumed’ and didn’t bother asking ‘do my consumer need it?’

If you ignore your business foundation / USP and customers, and launch products on assumptions (without running experiments), they fail.

One of the amazing things we heard in the recent past from a Booking.com Principal Designer is ‘concepts don’t fail; executions do’. You succeed by failing.

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