3 Killer Hacks for Selling Trending Products Online

Before a certain product ‘catch a wave’ and becomes trending, you should get one step ahead. You should know which product will get on the peak. Growing sales factor is totally dependent on the fact that you know the trend before it arrives. Selling trending products online is tough, getting stuck is the most frustrating thing in the process of brainstorming.

How does a store steal online audience? How do ecommerce businesses find trending products? Let us help you with this, you can start your search for selling trending products here.

Killer Hack 1: BuzzSumo

One of the amazing ways of searching for trending products is Buzzsumo.com. Main reason is that the website allows you analyze best content over Facebook, Twitter, Linked and Pinterest.

Simply you will type the product or the topic or the keyword in the search bar under ‘content research’. It will populate the most popular results. Snapshot of a BuzzSumo screen is shared here.

See which of the products is getting the most shares on the social platforms. Start importing those products from Ebay/ Amazon / Ali Express and sell.

Killer Hack 2: Google Trends

In case you are uncertain about the product popularity, one of the most trusted tools used by almost every entrepreneur is Google Trends. It shows the viability and trendiness of a product according to specific regions.

The tool is free and really user-friendly. Anyone can learn easily. A comprehensive graph giving a depiction of figures pictorially like how the product is performing.

We searched ‘sunglasses’ and found the following results. (You can set the time and see the trend).

You can look into interest by region or subregion. As you see in the screenshot here.

Killer Hack 3: Search on Popular Sellers (Amazon, Ebay, Ali Express)

It may sound like a tedious and tiring job but it can fetch you great insights into the popularity of products. Some of the popular selling websites we recommend are:
  • Amazon (amazon.com/best-sellers)
  • Ebay (ebay.com/ctg)
  • Ali Express (aliexpress.com each category has ‘hot deal’)

JungleScout is one of the paid tools for discovering the best and high demand products on best-selling websites. This makes discovering products easy. The lowest plan starts at $29/ month.


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