3 Must-Have Ways for Improving Mobile Conversions

In the year 2017, it was brought into the notice of marketers that out of 69% mobile generated traffic only 20% converted. In a recent Black Friday, largest or giant ecommerce retailers have narrowed the gap for mobile conversions.

Ecommerce websites have a lot of design and code issues. Hire web designer for professional services. As an ecommerce merchant of small or medium-sized company, you should understand that the mobile conversion gap should be decreased.

Content optimization for mobile screens

If an experience designed on the desktop screen is moved to the mobile screen, there are changes that squeezing doesn’t look good. Content must act responsive or optimized for new mobile orientation. There is no room for poor experience in the customer purchase journey.

Don’t go for resizing the ecommerce website for a mobile screen. Redo the mobile ecommerce altogether differently.

Simply replicating the desktop categories and features on mobile screen may not replicate or adapt well.

Visual navigation for effective product display

Humans are mainly responsive and visual. They take 3-5 seconds for processing the headlines and images. Headline take 3 seconds and an image takes 13 milliseconds. Written and imagery content are processed in different parts of the brain. Images trigger stronger emotional responses.

Navigation based on tapping and swiping on images can improve greatly by improving on the design.

Reduce number of checkout step, go for ‘one-tap-buy’

Critical part of the user journey is, he or she has to enter the data. Example, registration or login screens, and multiple checkout steps. Try offering lesser number of buying steps.

The checkout has the biggest impact on user buying. It’s difficult for a user to enter credit card details. However, there is a solution ‘one tap buy’ like, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay etc. The feature has transformed the shopping experience as there is no need for entering billing, shipping or credit card details as all the details are there in user phone wallet.

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