3 Powerful Ways of Overcoming Shopper’s Desire to Touch Products

Ecommerce product development for online platforms has increased. Mainly because online shopping is common as it’s convenient for buyers. In fact, many shoppers check products on physical stores before buying online.

However, online shopping in product development has one big disadvantage i.e. a shopper cannot touch the product.

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In this blog post, we will discuss three useful ways for overcoming shopper’s desire to touch products. Thus, customer experience will improve and overall buying behavior of a website too.

1- Photos

Use context based images such as how the product is working. No doubt product features listing in description is important but try to illustrate them in graphical images.

Shown below is the explainer image which is telling the shoppers what sort of components can be attached.

Second, don’t miss out on zoom filter. The finer a shopper can see into the details of the product, the more he will trust the product. Also, show close-ups in image gallery of product detail page.

2- Video

A picture is worth thousand words. Imagine a video telling a whole product story. A video shows better how human interaction is related with product. Also, how the product is making ‘a process’ easy. In simple words, how a customer experience is improving.

Videos bridge gap of ‘how the product can be used’ in real time. Images may take time for building an understanding. Video does that in short span.

Videos are effective especially:

-Explaining high tech products, especially which involves assembly of products.

-Showcasing client / customer testimonials.

-Brand recognition.

3- Customer reviews

Reviews make selling products easy in a way that customer starts trusting the brand. Shoppers answer questions / concerns of the customer who may be thinking of buying one.

Build a review system which includes photos and videos uploading. Reviews reduces uncertainty factor of a potential customers.

Genuine customer reviews go long way in accrediting the brand with credibility.

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