3 Signs Magento Upgrade Is Necessary for an Ecommerce Website

Let’s make it clear. Are we talking about Magento 2.2 upgrade or about shifting an ecommerce platform? Actually both.

Usually, small businesses start with Magento Open Source and as they grow, scalability is the first thing in the mind of the entrepreneur.  After their products start selling well, they can either build an ecommerce website which is costly and consumes time. Whereas, Magento Commerce is a cost-effective and time-saving option.

While we recommend you hire Magento developer, but there are few signs you should look into before hiring a professional Magento service.

1- Influx of users stressing out a website

When you start getting popular, it’s normal that your website traffic increases and the influx of users may disturb the website performance. Do remember, poor experience will reduce the conversions no matter how much traffic you get. Poor experience may entail slow performance, page crashing / broken pages or a crash because of too much traffic.

That’s why increase the bandwidth of the website or upgrade it. Magento Commerce has the ability of better performance - improved caching and database capabilities.

2- Stagnant conversion rate

One of the ways of measuring a success of a website is the conversion rate. High conversion rate means that your marketing efforts are going in the right direction, you have the right products and selling prices are reasonable enough.

In case of Magento Open Source, you have limited capabilities for tapping on conversions. Magento Commerce retain users once they reach the website.

Some of the features which are part of Magento Commerce are: segmented marketing messages and storefronts, built-in gift cards, 100+promotion types etc.

3- Improve Market reach and launch new products

After you reach a point where you can introduce new products or sell to new customers is an achievement. However, it is important that your ecommerce website support such features. Either you are planning expansion from B2B to B2C, or launching a new product, you should consider a solid framework / platform. You can rely on Magento Commerce.

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