3 Simple Ways to Generate More Backlinks, More Traffic

Building backlinks for a Shopify store or any other ecommerce store take time but the results are long term. We have seen a lot of ecommerce store owners spending on optimizing PPC campaigns for Google and Facebook ad campaigns, and pay little attention towards back linking and SEO marketing.

When you set up your very first PPC campaign and receive two to three orders overnight, you start experimenting with targeting ads and more. In this process, you spend more than you actually earn. Don’t get into the head rush.

We suggest a complete SEO marketing strategy and not just relying on paid campaigns. You can only achieve optimal results with a combination of organic and inorganic marketing tactics.

SEO backlinks can help in strengthening website authority in Google search. Let’s learn 4 simple ways of generating backlinks for Shopify store.

1- Guest blogging

One of the strongest ways of inbound marketing is fetching the follow links from authority websites. Bloggers love having writers on-board. However, not every blog operates the same in terms of traffic and the rules of publishing. There are top-tier blogs which publish work of someone having some sort of skills or command over the topic.

Bloggers of medium or low tier categories publish content of new writers or accept posts from outsiders just to keep their blogs updated with fresh content. Google like new/unique content.

Make sure the blogs you pick for guest blogging are relevant for your Shopify store. In Google search bar, add the keyword + ‘write for us’. All the related blogs will appear in the searches.

2- Get your products reviewed

Ask bloggers for your products’ review. Reach out to popular bloggers and ask them for the review. Maybe send them few samples of your products so that they can actually share review based on experience.

To get started, search for the blogs in your niche. Check out current blog posts of the authors and comment i.e. engage. Spend some time and know about the popular authors.

3- Prepare creative yet engaging infographics

You may have witnessed some killer infographics over the period of time-related to what you are selling. Try designing some. And submit over infographics directories.

Infographics are easy-to-understand pieces for general audiences, and for people who don’t prefer reading much of a content online. When choosing topics for the audience, stay relevant.

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