3 Timeless Ways for Improving Conversions of Product Pages

One of the neglected parts of the sales funnel is the product page. It’s where the customer decides whether he needs a product or not. Hire ecommerce experts because they do not just focus on checkout pages, but an insight into product pages too.

Why do product pages exist? They tell customers how the products are awesome and how they will address customers’ pain points. List all the problem-solving features along with the product so that a customer can make a buying decision.

Beautiful and professional photos of the product and well-written descriptions are important but there are certain other timeless ways for improving on product pages.

1- Make product value clear, don’t leave visitors in suspense

You may have a lot of product details for the single page but never ever leave your potential customers in suspense. Display all the information as customers are just a click away from moving out of your page.

Make it very clear what the product is about and do it quickly. A single product page must show what it’s meant for.

Bellroy clearly applied this rule and provided a distilled summary in a demo format. They used interactive gifs for that matter.

2- Be vigilant regarding user concerns

Answer user concerns and if possible give the demonstration. If the product idea is unique, demonstration of a product becomes vital for a product page. Look for your customer motivations when they buy a product. Not only a product must look good but the product must show practicality.

Sidebelts has a product ‘survival belts’ where they displayed the product description copy in high function diagram. If they didn’t have put the information that way, customers may have been more concerned for the functions rather than the overall feel and aesthetics.

3- Unleash customer imagination

If you have witnessed the Oreo marketing, putting this example under this header is like doing justice to it. Focus of the Oreo product page is, how their cookies unleash eater’s imagination and makes him happier.

There are series of featured videos on the product page and one with the lyrics "It's so easy to let your imagination go when you play with Oreo," suggesting an age-old way of eating Oreos. This page took creative yet bold approach.

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