4 Brilliant Ways of Increasing Average Order Value for Ecommerce Store

You are making hard efforts and spending money endlessly on Google Ads, but why face all such trouble when there is less agonizing way of increasing revenue? Increase average order value (AOV) and see the revenue graph going up.

Here are ways of increasing average order value.

1- Know when and where you can set ‘free shipping’ for a product

Shortlist your products which have more average on value (AOV) before selling products online. Then place ‘free shipping’ label in the product detail page. Setting free shipping threshold is tricky because you may end up with decrease in average order value. Deloitte research says that 40% customers buy more if they see free shipping label on the product page.

Also, there are research studies suggesting that a lot of customers abandon their shopping carts because the product doesn’t have free shipping.

2- Buy minimum and get discounts

It is a common trick often played by ecommerce store owners and one of the ways of increasing average order value for selling products online. Even now customers expect that if they are buying a lot from one ecommerce store then there must be some discount for them. If they are buying products of certain amount they expect at least 15-20 percent discount.

3- Upselling on ecommerce store

Predictive Intent performed a case study and they are of the view that upselling on ecommerce store is 20% better than cross-selling. But that doesn’t mean cross-selling is over.

However, targeting the right group of people is imperative for cross and upselling. Add gift bags and wraps are add-ons which increases average order value too. That’s an inside secret tip.

4- Bundle deals

Offer customers value through bundle or package offers. For example, buy 2 and get a free gift or buy 3 and get 4 for free. Such things appeal. You can do this thing via free Shopify app or hire Shopify experts for the customization.

Make sure your products are priced the right way, this means if you are offering 4th item for free, it shouldn’t impact AOV.

There are many benefits of going with bundling offers, such as adding value to what customer wants the most and helping them make a decision.


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