4 New Mobile Apps You Should Try

Plenty of mobile apps are out there but only few get recognition as the apps limit themselves on user habits only. Try to find your own space in the mobile app development industry if you are motivated towards building an app. Though, there were too many apps which were launched in July but only some were able to grab attention. Google and Instagram apps are really cool. Let’s have a view on some top mobile apps for the month of July.

Google Podcast

For years, android users were using podcasts apps like Pocket Cast, Stitcher, Player FM and more but Google didn’t have its own mobile app for this sole purpose. Now it has a homegrown option i.e. Google Podcast. It let the user search for new podcasts, download and play them. More than 2 billion podcasts are available where top and trending podcasts are easily searchable.

Adobe Spark Post

In habit of editing your pictures before posting them on social media? This app is for you. You can create inner photo edits for graphics or posting on social profiles. It is truly for social media app users. Also, the app is easy to use and requires no hard skills. This means, from teenager to an adult, anyone can use this app for photo edits.


Instagram has moved forward with vertical videos from vbloggers, influencers, and for anyone who thinks 1minute video is too short. It is an Instagram feature but also standalone app. You can see the TV icon on the corner of the Instagram feed as some people may not need a standalone app and some may have reasons.


We are actually good at tracking our own activities, one way or another but what about your dogs? The app is built for keeping track of you and your dog activities. Especially when you are out and want to know about your dog. Dog owners now have an app for tracking range of activities. For instance, evening walk, bikejoring (cycling activity with dog) and more. All these apps are amazing when we look into their user interfaces. Yes, they are user friendly yet add a new dimension to a user’s lifestyle.

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