4 Powerful Tips for Magento 2 Web Store Optimization

Be it a grocery or a food, or literally anything, online stores have made utilities’ access easy. Launching Magento ecommerce store isn’t sufficient for driving more sales. Rather keep the store upgraded and optimized.

We all know Magento is the most popular ecommerce store. It powers a majority of the ecommerce stores online. Through our experts’ experience, we can offer you some powerful tips for Magento 2 web store optimization.

1- Use Premium Hosting Plans

A powerful hosting plan is the best for keeping Magento 2 store up and running. Magento is all about hosting and if you are opting cheap plans, don’t be surprised with poor performance of a web store.

Specially, if you have large product inventory, and good user base, don’t compromise on cheaper hosting plans.

2- Use high-quality images and videos

Multimedia elements like images, videos, gifs, gallery, etc. are important part of any online store. If you are displaying poor quality image or video, how could you expect a good branding or impression on a customer.

Ultimately, user gets impressed with the product quality. Think of customer behavior like a cycle.

Visually improved website increases the SERPs results. Do consider image or video size. It affects the web page loading directly. Customers leave pages which take more time in loading.

3- Web theme impacts user experience

Simple yet functional theme of the website causes a positive impact on the user experience. Sometimes optimizing a web theme slows down the website and makes web store crawling harder.

Choosing one of the best themes for a website is not difficult for a web store owner. If he is well-versed technically, he can choose the theme better. Hire Magento expert, it's advisable.

4-Page load speed

Issues like delayed caching, high load time, etc. can be resolved by using Magento extensions. There are a lot of handful extensions out there in Magento store and are for free. Full Page Cache and Varnish, Turpentine etc. are few extensions for use.

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