4 Tips on Selling Expensive Ecommerce Products

‘I can’t buy this product’, price is one of the preliminary things user concerns the most. No marketer wants customers think of their ecommerce product as ‘cheap’ or expensive’.

If a product is not doing well on an ecommerce website, one of the first things we think of is the price. But interestingly this is not the real reason why your products don’t sell.

User interface, projection of products, navigation and tons of other factors play their part in consumers’ purchase journey. Hire ecommerce experts for design and development.

However, there are some smart ways of selling expensive ecommerce products online.

#1 Tip Discounts and sales

You can’t avoid the fact that low price competitor is always there in the market. Discounts and sales are a great way of attracting customers. Your prospect may ask for a discount because of the competitor’s cut off in price but resist the temptation of price reduction. Value your products as they are of high quality and the price must justify.

Customer signing up for a service or long-term contract deserves some sort of discount. There must be a ‘reason’ why you offer discount. Asking prospects for earning a discount makes your product more valuable.

#2 Tip Compare value with market competitors

Product comparisons are something of trustworthy for buyers. Being a smart marketer, build comparisons around value and not price.

A customer must understand what features and benefits he is buying along the product.

Also, there are chances that your customers had bad experiences with the low-cost product already and they are looking for a value.

#3 Tip Position price of products

Make a product look desirable by placing more expensive products with it. Research has proved that placing low price item in between expensive products makes it look attainable.

Break price into weekly, monthly and yearly basis if there are installment plans. This technique works really well for huge or expensive products.

#4 Tip Encourage customers for product engagement

Low price vendors develop sense of urgency for their products by using CTAs like ‘buy now’, ‘limited stock’, ‘buy right now or regret’ etc.

If you are one of the vendors who are very sure about the product quality you sell, don’t follow the spammy marketing tactics. Encourage your customers take time and do their research for the product. Here, you are not asking for comparison with other brands in the market, but you are asking them for checking out the details of your product.

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