4 UX Optimization Tips for Increase in Ecommerce Store Sales

user interface design tips

Who doesn’t want to make more bucks? Ecommerce stores often complain for decline in sales. Whether you have a blog, landing page or a social page for ecommerce store promotion, all need immaculate user experience. If there are blockades, they will directly affect sales.

Here, we really need to know what actually UX is? It isn’t just a design. Optimizing content and design in a layout which is user friendly is called user experience. UX optimization like usability, interactivity of design, navigation, content strategy and many other factors are vital.

Here user interface design tips are not just related to design or content but overall website look and feel especially in context of user behavior.

Misperception 1

I am not getting traffic organically so do I need to worry for the page loading time? Wrong.

According to stats, 25% of the buyers leave ecommerce store page if it takes more than 4 seconds to load. If your website is loading with delayed speed, you are losing visitors.

Hack tip 1

Ideally, a website must load under 4 seconds. If your website is loading under 4 seconds, you are in safe zone. For that, first know what’s the current page speed of your website.

How I can check current speed of my website?

Listed here are few steps for checking the page speed.

1-Open Pingdom tool and insert URL of your website on the homepage in the given field. Right next to the field is given the CTA i.e. ‘Test Now’. Click and see results.

2-Analyze page speed, if it’s above 4 seconds, improve it.

Misconception 2

I have a customer form on the website for answering the concerns of customers.

You know manual filling is often avoided by customers. Customers want quick answers and like automate ordering process.

Hack tip 2

Automate by having a chatbots integration on your ecommerce store. There are many free/paid available online.

Chatbots answer 24/7 so you don’t need support team all the times. There are times when a customer is checking out and he needs a quick confirmation. Imagine how you can improve sales figure by having simple chatbots integration.

Misconception 3

Stuffing so much design elements in user interface design. Avoiding white/ negative space.

Hack tip 3

Use whitespace, keep negative space. White space isn’t white color, it could be any color as far as it’s blank. Remember, ‘a blank canvas is where design starts’. Most people take whitespace design approach which is really cool in most instances. Even popular brands like Apple, Google etc. use white space a lot.

User interface design must have whitespace. Whitespace helps CTA (Call to Action) stand out on the web page.

Misconception 4

I should have CTA for at least 3 times on my ecommerce store.

Hack tip 4

Less is more. Let’s say you have a brand with wrist watches. And you are tempted to list 3-4 products and several CTA buttons separately. Don’t do that. Sell one product at a time.

Call to action button = 20 sales

Call to action buttons = 13 sales

Call to action buttons = 5 sales

This user interface design tip is named as 80/20 Pareto Principle, often used in marketing.  

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