5 Email Design Trends with High ROI

email marketing trends

Email marketing is one of the leading sources among digital marketing channels for bringing leads. This year you can expect personalized and interactive email designs trending.

For crafting content of emails, machine learning and AI driven content will be used in the emails. Though, it was in the email marketing trends of 2018 but it will pass on in 2019 too.

Rather than using just GIFS and CSS animation, more variation in animations will be experimented this year.

In this blog, we will discuss the utilization of live data such as count down clocks and other digital marketing trends in emails along with the ones mentioned above.

Dynamic Content and Personalization of Emails

Last year, this factor came on number second. In 2019, it stays on number one spot mainly because dynamic content is more and more AI driven. This makes granular personalization possible with tailored email content. Email marketing has become easy because of the use of AI and machine learning tactics.

Product Marketing Manager, Bridgette Darling says, ‘Artificial intelligence features like predictive fatigue and predictive offer will begin to be woven into every aspect of the campaign process. These features will allow email marketers to more effectively create experiences that speak to our customer’s interests, behaviors, intentions, motivations and next-steps.’

Interactive Emails

Brands like HomeDepot are developing frictionless user experiences via interactive emails. The brand is requesting for product review where even call to action is inside the email. Only the submission confirmation message appears on the landing page of the website.

Email marketers can easily integrate interactive features with respect to content and design inside their daily email campaigns.

Machine Learning Is Determining the Email Content

Machine learning helps in personalization of emails. You can tailor send times for different time zones by seeking the user interests and behaviors. Subject line recommendations are being made based on past behaviors of the target audience.

Utilization of Live Data

Live data or email content is populated when a user opens an email. This keeps data up to date and relevant to the email subscribers who may open the email late or not immediately.

Some of the commonly use real-time or live data are:

1- Countdown clocks i.e. end of sale etc.

2- Real-time weather forecast

3- Medal tallies and live scores

4- Current inventory quantity

Animated GIFS

Anything moving grabs attention, a common design concept. Animated GIFs are more in use in comparison to CSS animation.

“Our designers spend as much time in Adobe Animate as they do in Photoshop. Tweezing, easing, and other advanced animation concepts has allowed our animations to become more eye-catching and sophisticated,” says Matthew Caldwell, SVP Worldwide Creative at Yes Marketing.

Don’t miss out the load time factor. No need for too many GIFs, one per email is sufficient. And, don’t forget GIF image file size.

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