5 Magento Extensions for Boosting Ecommerce Website Productivity

Magento is helping millions of startups, medium-sized and large businesses by offering them reliability and flexibility. The platform is a revered open source which is the reason why most of the ecommerce websites rely on it.

Magento ecommerce websites are doing really well in the market in terms of smooth navigation, user-friendly interface, better conversion rates, and growth in revenue generation.

Magento community is very large and there are innumerable plugins and extensions available in the market.  There are only a handful useful and more often required on Magento ecommerce websites.

If you are running Magento ecommerce website, there are few extensions for boosting the performance and productivity of the website.

Neklo – Make an Offer

In just few clicks, a customer on your website can ask for the price of any product. This empowers the customers and their experience of inquiring price. ‘Make an offer’ is an extension button for product pages. If a customer wants discount, he can directly submit the counter offer. A handy yet easy-to-use extension and it’s helping for customers always hungry for discounts.

Webgility – Webgility Unify

One of the useful tools for syncing all your ecommerce website data. Sync data like sales, fees, expenses, inventory and shipping at one place. Automatically your data get into Quickbooks and Xero. This extension saves your time and effort.

Shopgate Inc. – Shopgate

Seamless Magento integration is possible through Shopgate. You don’t need help from IT department, installs easily. Launch revenue generating Magento Android and iOS native apps.

Salesforce CRM Integration

Another useful extension for data integration is Salesforce CRM. Simplify your data workflows for data sharing processes. Highlighting Salesforce tool here means, it’s very easy for a user. Second, it’s a popular tool for ecommerce websites. Prepare field maps, sync product and customer data between Salesforce and Magento 2.

Amasty, Miravisit and AheadWorks

All these 3 extensions offer solution for follow up emails. Miravisit is economical in terms of cost, Amasty lies in the middle which is efficient in cost and functionality. AheadWorks has the most robust system. Read features of each of the extensions individually before downloading them.

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