5 Quick Tips for Making the Most Out of Magento Website

Magento website

Magento is the most popular online ecommerce platform powering Magento ecommerce stores online. The number of users and the size of the merchants have increased over time ever since 2008.

Unlike any other platform, Magento ecommerce website needs improvement. Let’s share some useful tips in improving Magento website.

Tip # 1 Performance, slow websites make customers leave early from the purchase cycle

Slow websites mean low conversion rate. Removing the number of extensions from the codebase will reduce the complexity. Thus directly impacting the speed of the website. Performance or speed is something every merchant should stay keen.

While Magento is a user-friendly and feature packed but in terms of performance there are certain loopholes. Hire Magento developers for resolving performance issues.

Tip # 2 Add customer reviews, forms, and testimonials

Leverage from the feature of user-generated content. Facilitate user in a way that he or she could share their experience by writing reviews, case studies, testimonials or even filling the forms.

Encouraging real customers for posting reviews, will add a transparent layer and will show an honest opinion. Mostly customers with positive reviews are the ‘returning customers’. When they post a review, they actively think of the product and also think of purchasing again.

Tip # 3 Custom branding is handy in Magento websites

Magento ecommerce platform offers customized themes. If you have a website on Magento and doesn’t have branding factor.

Find a theme which really speaks about your product/service.

Tip # 4 Go for product alert notifications

For monitoring customer behavior, product alert notification is one of the powerful ways of driving ecommerce sales.

By using this feature, you can send new product release notifications to your existing customer base.

Tip # 5 Frequently update your inventory

Nothing is as bad as a stagnant website. An active website depicts that certain product is selling hot and is trending. So, update your website whenever there is a need.

Magento makes adding new products inventory easy. So, seek the benefit of this feature and keep Magento website updated from time to time.

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