6 Free Web Design Tools for Beginners

Everyone has an opinion on web design when it comes under discussion because design is subjective. It takes only 50 milliseconds for a user to decide if he will trust a website or not. Also, if a customer likes the page, he will stay, otherwise he will leave.

We know some free web design tools for beginners to try and implement. Some of them may seem bit complex.

1- Free logo design tool – Logo Lab

You can put your designed logos to test with the help of this tool. Upload a logo and there will be different visual variations. This tool looks into scalability, balance and silhouette.

2- Color guidebook – Werner’s Nomenclature of Colors

Color guidebook was originally developed in the 18th century and revamped in the 19th century by Patrick Syme, a Scottish painter. Get any color from 110 colors as outlined in the original guide for web design.

3- Projects’ screen saver – Drafta

Project screens are organized as site tree navigation in this tool. Draft a website sitemap, upload project screens in different states and resolutions. Get a feedback from a client, colleague or a boss by simply sharing a single link. A one-stop web design solution.

4- You don’t need a WordPress

A tool from which you can design through Google Docs. Tables, colors, shapes etc. can be customized through the tool and it will automatically reflect in the blog post. Hosting is theirs, you just need Google Drive Account.

5- Mobile app tool – Galio

It is a complete framework for making a full mobile application. The tool is handy because a complete mobile app can be done in just few minutes. There are pre-made templates, ready-to-use features and components make design and development of mobile app easy. Rom user interface kit, you can use different blocks on a single page.

6- Chat app – Chatkit

Integrate a chat function into your mobile app. You can build in-app user messaging experiences. Keep your users engaged by chatting with them, live and in proper context.

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