7 Steps for Writing a Successful Business Plan

You may come across many business plans and get confused. However, best way for writing a plan for online business is using business templates. No need for reinventing a wheel, rather you can use one of the templates suited for your business.

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In order to build an effective plan, time-tested structures are the ones which entrepreneurs can use. Most of the times business plans are used for acquiring funding. However, they are vital for getting direction and execution.

Why you should have a business plan?

First, it will help in evaluating the viability of your business plan. Either you have huge idea or many, if you prepare a plan then you know if it’s workable or not.

Second, you can plan for next business phase. Whether a new business from scratch or planning for next phase, a plan helps in identifying gaps.

Third, you can define scope of project. Cost overruns, delays can be evaluated and certainty can help in tackling with the future use cases. Also, you have full scope of project.

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What to include in business plan template?

Summary – a one-page summary gives an insight of the whole plan and makes it easy for understanding. This is typically written before the whole plan.

Overview – a company overview has sub-sections from basic to extensive. That is, starting from business vision and mission statement to business structure and financial roadmap.

Market take – assessing market size and target market is one of the core elements of a business plan. Estimate the size and evaluate the competition.

Services – products or services you are planning to sell must be listed. In a way that features of each and every product/ service are there in detail.

Promotion – marketing plan for spreading the word about your business. This may include digital marketing or whatever the growth hacking techniques you are planning for a business.

Operations – what logistics and operations will have i.e. from raw material to end product.

Finances – a business plan always include finances required for execution. Look carefully into your current and projected finances and then pen them down.

However, you should know your target audience. And take things slow. Writing 10-15 pages may seem daunting but take one section at a time. After all, you are spending money, time and effort, it should be worthy.

Some Easy Ways to Start a Business Online, No Inventory Needed

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