AI automation tools for design and admin tasks, some handy tips

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Automate and expand your workforce through artificial intelligence smart tools. AI is no more a buzz word but offers practical implication for a business.

Elon Musk, Mark Zukerberg, Jeff Dean, Amit Singhal, Ginni Rometty, and more are already implementing AI in their processes to make them more efficient. They are busy discussing the future of AI prospects but the fact of the matter is, we are using artificial intelligence and machine learning applications in one way or another while we’re online.

How AI automation works?

AI takes large data sets and learns the patterns with time.

There are two categories: supervised and unsupervised AI learning.

In supervised AI learning, human interference is involved as machines see given images and they learn patterns. In unsupervised AI learning, machines are fed with large data sets and they have to figure out the patterns.

We have jotted down some of the AI tools which could be of help for design and administration departments of any business.

1- The Grid, Wix, and Firedrop for Design

The Grid, a famous Kickstarter offers better control and gives full suite with little input of the user. AI named Molly will offer five color palettes in 200,000 different variations.

‘AI websites that design themselves’ is the tagline from their crowdfunding campaign 2014 and it gained popularity.

Firedrop on the contrarily is easy and asks some questions in order to design suitable pattern which fits your business needs. It is in the form of ‘Sacha’, a chatbot which gives user a walkthrough related to website building process.

After Sacha asks questions, it recommends and suggests few options to pick from. Initially, it was used as a design and drop website builder when launched in March 2015. But, Firedrop has evolved into a complete AI design tool for a website.

Wix, a website building tool with AI capabilities. Give it all the content you have and it can provide billions of design options, as said by Nitzan Achsaf, the head of Wix ADI.

Pick any of the options you like and the tool will do all the formatting. However, you can customize changes in UX elements.

2- Tamr, Textio, Intraspexion for administration

Tamar is a helpful tool for data integration and in its core, it solves problems related to data curation. It is a data unification platform where data curation processes don’t work in silos.

Textio uses predictive artificial intelligence technology to let companies list their jobs in an improved manner. It gives real-time guidance on how to improve the hiring.

Introspection, to not let potential litigation happen, this tool is an early warning setup which is based on the deep learning concept.

Though, given are just few AI tools, there are hundreds out there in the market. However, the above mentioned are useful in handling design and management related tasks.

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