Why Angular JS Is the Most Preferred Framework for Front End Development?

Angular JS enables seamless data binding for rapid front end development. That’s why creating an interactive website is more fun with this framework. No need to reload the page and see if the model is sync with the view or if the changes are reflecting in both. Consider it ideal for modular development. It is hard to imagine what other language is a best fit for building SPA (Single Page Application) than Angular JS. First know what is Angular front end JS framework? It's an open source framework which is used in developing Single Page Applications (SPAs).

For creating the interactive elements of the website, Angular JS is the most preferred framework. Using angular, overhauling websites have become more dynamic, also loading time of the web pages have increased.
Angular JS 4 had released in March 2017 and was named the best programming language of the year. Here is the list of reasons why Angular JS is preferred for front end development, especially for SPAs.

Angular JS is fast, it saves time

Splitting app into components

Angular JS framework is ideal for launching web applications fast because of best structured and easy-to-test applications. Other frameworks consume more time, all that it takes is splitting of an app into several components of MVC. Most of the components are pre-written which is the reason why there is no need for additional coding thus it saves time and effort.

Data binding in Angular JS is easy

Type and see immediate results

One of the core features why Angular JS is best is two-way data binding. If a user makes a change in the model view, ‘the view’ will reflect the same changes without reloading a page. As you type in the span, you can see the immediate results. If the Angular JS framework application encounters modular change, browser event etc. it updates the pattern as necessary.

Lightweight declarative code style

Third-party APIs

Declarative paradigm is used for designing patterns inside Angular JS framework. This paradigm makes it lightweight; applications written in Angular JS support all browsers. Angular JS apps integration with the third party boosts features of the web page.

Dependency injection

Easy solution for Angular JS

Simplify development testing process, Angular JS has dependency injection in its mechanism. It asks if the developer is in need of dependency or a service. Rather than searching for it or create one, dependency injection is one of the easiest solutions.

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