ASO, Positioning of apps in the app stores

If you have an app to add to the app stores, ASO – App Store Optimization is the key concept you should know about because, when you include a mobile app in app stores, be it Google Play or Apple Store, you have to do a pre-process so that the app positions in the top results of these applications finders and get a large number of downloads. This process of positioning apps, is called ASO or App Store Optimization, which is nothing more than optimizing the tab of a mobile app to achieve maximum visibility in the respective stores and increase the facilities. The facilities of a mobile application from within the Stores may come from:

  • Searches in stores with keywords
  • Featured apps in these two stores
  • Position in the general or category ranking
  • App recommendations related to app info
  • Cross installations of the same developer

        I.            ASO Factors in Metadata

If you are familiar with the SEO concepts, we can say that ASO is similar to onpage SEO factors of web pages. In ASO, there are parameters that we can control from our panels of Google Play or iTunes when we publish our applications. It's a good idea to complete all of these fields correctly to try to get your app to position itself correctly in the top positions of app searches.

                    I.            App Title

You should try to choose a striking and representative titles of your application. It is limited to 50 characters in Google Play and 64 in iOS.

                  II.            Short Description (Google Play)

Here you must be very brief, you have up to 80 characters to develop this short description in Google Play, try to include some of the most searched keywords in relation to the app.

               III.            Long Description

Here you can use something similar to the "meta description" of web pages, although you can extend description up to 4000 characters, you should not fall to repeat keywords to position the application. It should be natural and include a description of your app, its features and advantages of its use. Work well this part so your users can see what your app installation can bring.

                IV.            Keywords (iOS Only)

In the App Store you can add several keywords for users to search the application. So, do an extensive research to complement this field. Mind that this field is not public rather it is given to the developers only so that they can make their app appear in the search of made against the keywords and repeating the keywords here can be classified as spam.

                  V.            Category

You must choose the category that represents your app for users to view when browsing the different categories of the Stores.

                VI.            Icon

The application icon can determine the failure or success of the application. Work this part well with some design professional and try to make the icon represent in that small space what your application is all about.

             VII.            Developer History

This field can be called as the archive that shows the fame that the developer of the app has. Now if we talk about the influence, the longer the account ages, and the more apps and more downloads it has, the better are the chances for that app to position itself in the app store. This means that the app given by an experienced developer will have a better position than an app developed by a newbie developer.

           VIII.            Screenshots of the App

You must correctly select screenshots of your app so that users have a preview before installing it. In Google Play you can select up to 8 screenshots, in iTunes you have up to 5 screenshots.

                IX.            App video

On Google Play, you can upload a video of up to one minute, and in the App Store for 30 seconds. These videos help the user when deciding whether or not to install the application, it is worth working this aspect correctly since it is a field that many developers do not touch.

     II.            ASO Factors Out of Metadata

                  X.            Number of installations

This is perhaps the most determinant factor that takes into account the algorithms of the Stores when it comes to positioning an app. Getting users to massively download your application especially in the early stages of the launch can mean success or failure of your facility's goal

                XI.            Uninstallations

This parameter is one of the most vital since it indicates if the installations remain in the phone of the users who downloaded it or on the contrary uninstall it because they do not use it. A high ratio of uninstalls will mean that your application is not very useful and the ASO of your app is going to resent.

             XII.            Ratings

Yes, the rating of your app determines where does it appear in the app store. Hence, the rating has crucial importance in the ASO. The good rating on app store means higher rank and on contrary, bad rating results in lower positioning. So, keep a keen eye on your users’ evaluations, as they can penalize and ruin all the work you have done.

           XIII.            Comments

Another of the most important points are the comments received by your app users, the more comments it has, the better it will be positioned. Consider all the points given above to optimize your app well for the app store. On the other hand, if you wish to hand over this important task in the hands of experienced professionals, contact us. We can help you bring your applications in the top results!

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