Beat Your Competition and Boost Your Sales This Holiday Season, Here’s How?

Festive spirit is brewing and Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Mondays are just around the corner. You can implement marketing strategies for capitalizing on Black Friday sales.

Ecommerce giants like Amazon steal most of the Black Friday sales. To counter this, small brands or businesses should proactively prepare their plans for the holiday season.

There are really good opportunities for brands of all sorts during the festive / holiday season of the year. Just three things, take the mobile approach, use alternative payment methods and know the ‘timing’ i.e. the primary time slots during the shopping week.

Put mobile first, people browse more on smart devices these days

Sale in the year 2017 was 26 times more than the previous year over the mobile phone. This shows that more and more people are browsing brand services or Black Friday sales on their mobile devices.

Take it this way, ‘where there is a mobile, there is a sale opportunity’. There is no better way of testing the potential of your products/services during Black Friday or Cyber Monday, if they testify the market or not. Also, you will get great insight if you try improving your mobile brand presence.

Make sure the UX, payment options and the speed on mobile are working fine. Try to make it as seamless as your desktop version.

Don’t miss out on timings on Black Fridays

Tapping on the timings of the shoppers will help you in conversion a lot. Shoppers usually don’t buy in the daytime and as per the survey, the purchasers are more active in the evening. Research data over the internet has shown us that 10 pm to 11 pm EST is the time of high purchase on Black Fridays.

Also, there is another spike i.e. 9 pm to 11 pm EST on Cyber Mondays.

Offer more flexible payment options

Websites or mobile versions of them, if offer more of payment options, this tends shoppers buy with ease. Limited payments options may not help you earn sales the way you want them.

Also, if a user opts for payment on longer terms or on installments. That’s another way of getting the customers around.

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