How to become a full stack developer? Top 3 tips

A full stack developer is someone who is aware of the layers of computer software technology. He can perform in any technical stack.

Such a developer might not be an expert at handling different languages but he has functional knowledge and by making use of it, he can turn ideas into finished products.

Is he the smartest guy? True, it sounds like. But no one is the master when it comes to web development. There is a debate on this topic.

We may find a lot of LinkedIn and Facebook profiles where people have mentioned their job titles as ‘full stack developer’, which makes us think that it has already become a new mainstream job trend.

What full stack developer do?

He masters variety or series of technologies/languages to handle databases, servers, systems engineering, backend and frontend development, devOps and mobile app development.

Hence, he possesses following skills:

Backend Dev + Frontend Dev + Database + DevOps + Mobile App Dev

Top 3 tips for becoming a full stack developer

1- One language proficiency isn’t enough, learn multiple programming languages

If you want to be a full stack developer, you have to be a master of multiple programming languages such as, JAVA, Python, ROR, PHP etc. Most of the web development of clients’ project depends on these languages. Angular and React are the hottest in Java.

With learning of a language comes its grammar, don’t get so suspicious. It means, how to structure, design, implement and test a project relying on different languages.

For instance, if you pick to work on ROR. You should know ‘action controller’, ‘action read’, ‘action dispatch’ and so on.

A small tip, start with Ruby language first and then move on to rails. In case, you’re more into learning ROR.

2- Master basic front-end technologies and their frameworks

In web design and development, not just the product features but their usability matters too. Reason why, it’s all about user experience in the end.

To rightly develop a product, implementation of the front end technologies is important.

Some of the front end technologies you should know are: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript but do learn their frameworks along like JQuery, AngularJS, ReactJS, SASS and LESS.

3- Know how to interact with databases

Any product or project needs a database to store data. Being a full stack developer, you should have an access to 1-2 databases, plus a know-how about its operation. Interact with them and learn.

Some of the popular databases are: MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Oracle, SQLServer etc.


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