Best PHP Editors/ IDEs Every PHP Developer Must Know

A frequently asked question by most of the PHP programmers is, which is the best Php editor for coding? If you’re new to PHP programming, IDE is the vital tool a PHP programmer should know. There are different PHP editors available in the market, some are open source and free whereas some are paid. But, it is foremost to understand that which ones are the best and if paying editor is offering a bigger deal, then why not to use it. Anyhow, we have a list of some popular IDEs for PHP programming.


Syntax highlighting, code assist, code navigation, syntax validation, code templates, remote projects, PHP profiling, PHP unit, refactoring, debugging, and code formatter are few of the features this editor has in its pack. It’s open source and free. For a beginner, it might be tough but once he learns, will spend more time on this editor. It has a large community of programmers and to use it robustly, make sure you have an efficient system to work on.


NetBeans is another open source integrated environment for PHP programmers. One of the advantages of using this editor is that it supports multiple languages, i.e., English, Chinese, Russian, etc. In the start, it was slow and was particularly used in Java web development but now the updated version is much faster and used for PHP development. It stands out from other IDEs because of its unique and powerful features. It does support other frameworks, for example, Zend, Doctrine, Symfony 2 etc.


The IDE is developed by JetBrains and it’s written in Java but it is thought to be one of the best IDEs for website development. It was released in 2009 and now it has become the obvious choice for PHP websites. PHPStorm is an enterprise IDE with license fee but for teachers and students, it is free of cost. Rich code editor with syntax highlighting supports PHP frameworks like Laravel, Wordpress, etc., support for integration of version control systems.

Sublime Text

For code, markup and performance, it is the highly sophisticated text editor for PHP development. Only few text editors match the flexibility and the level of agility Sublime Text offers. Key bindings, macros, snippets, menus – customization of anything is possible. A cross-platform editor with Python API, and switching projects is easy, no save prompts, all changes remain save. Also, it has out-of-the-box command palette. Sublime Text was developed by Skinner and Bond, launched in 2008.

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