Boost Ecommerce Sales with These Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram is a power player for ecommerce marketing keeping in view that it has 500 million monthly active users. Moreover, around 300 million users actively using this social platform daily.

This puts Instagram at the forefront of the social media marketing.

Do you know about 68% of the users engage with the brands daily which is 8 times greater in comparison to any other social media platform? Utilize Instagram for surging sales.

We have a list of tips for e-commerce sales boost.

1- Strategic Use of Hashtags

Hashtags will help you increase engagement, improve traffic and conversion. But the question here is, are you making the best use out of the hashtags?

According to research, 7-10 hashtags per post performs best and increase the possibility of reaching more people. However, these are stats, and we would encourage you to vary the number of hashtags per post and see results.

Hashtags should be posted in the comments and not in the post. As put by marketers, they are meant for search and exploration. Do mix and match but never use irrelevant hashtags.

Use Instagram search bar for discovering the niche, or targeted keywords / hashtags.

2- User Generated Content (UGC) for Branding

Word of mouth travel faster than any other form of branding or marketing tactic. One of the useful ways for such marketing is user generated content campaigning.

For example, you have a clothing brand. You can start a campaign where your users post pictures of wearing your clothes. This builds trust, improves brand awareness and reach.

3- Don’t Be Too Pushy or Promotional

No doubt posting all about your products may work well for you but it may not for others. Sometimes, taking a step back is a better way of engaging your audience. Posts involving nature, food, pets, people, team gestures etc. are more likable. Try some of such posts. Diversifying the content strategy is wise. Your audience will comment and participate more.

4- Effortless Buying, Shop Now Button

When you want your user take action, make it easy for him. There is a ‘Shop Now’ feature on Instagram which reduces the product buying steps. That means a user can buy right away - what’s more amazing than that. Post product images of good quality with call to action (CTAs). Ecommerce buyers are increasing on mobile and such posts if effectively used can generate more revenue.

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