How Can I Build an Email List of Subscribers Before Launching a Shopify Product?

Preparing an email list of subscribers before launching a product is a wise move. In fact, in the recent past, we have seen many such successful products. Through emails, you can get the feedback before actually the product into the market.

We can say, testifying product over email is not a bad idea. Rather, it may help in improving some of the features you are in doubt.

Also, email marketing may help in the conversion of customers. Or an input source for soon-to-be-customers. Customers are the best critics; they can better tell what should be part of the product.

Here is the list of some tactics for the growth of ecommerce sales via an email list.

Start with the giveaways

For rapid growth of subscribers, try hosting giveaways in email marketing. Why giveaways? People love free stuff, and before launching a product, giving free products is a plus.

Offer deadline driven giveaways for the cultivation of urgency and spread of word. To get more virility, partner with influencers as they are a great source of branding.

If your product isn’t ready, you can leverage through your partner’s product prizes.

Filter the list of people who actually are interested into your business

A lot of people may get attracted simply because you are offering a free stuff that means, you may attract many just for the sake of free stuff.

In order to filter only the ones interested in your business, prepare an email and send it to the list of giveaway people. You may face subscription rate really high. But that’s okay. This way you know who you will target in future.

Build a ‘coming soon’ as landing page

As your full website design and development may consume time, till then you can build a simple coming soon page. That page may contain a field of email and a ‘subscribe’ call to action.

This way you can collect emails of potential customers.

Referral reward program

Along with coming soon landing page, you can go with the second page of referral reward program, which you can also use in email marketing. There you can have a shareable link. More people subscribe to that link, the entrant will earn more points or bigger prize.

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