How Can I Get First Sale in 30 Days? A Checklist (Part 2)

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In our last blog post, we shared different channels for optimization of ecommerce sales for Shopify stores. Ecommerce websites often face hard times in fetching good number of orders.

  • Paid advertising allows small business entrepreneurs run pay per click campaigns for as low as $10.

Choose the Right Marketing Channel for Your Business

Since we were talking about ‘Paid Advertising’, let’s take it further and see how you can use Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for your ecommerce business.

Use Facebook for Paid Advertising, why? Diverse user-base

A popular social platform for selling ecommerce goods. Mainly because it has a user-base from all around the world and almost of all age groups.

  • That’s the reasons why brands never ignore Facebook when they start paid advertising. Facebook targeting options are diverse too. Age, gender, job title, ethnic group, income, interest and location are some of the variants for targeting your market.

Jasper’s market used different call to actions for hitting on their target audience. On the left side ad, they are announcing new store opening and inviting people come and like their page. On the right side ad, you can see a deal. They have strategized for addressing specific pain and following the purpose.

Point is, they know clearly about their target audience.

3 Actionable Marketing Tactics for Ecommerce Business

Instagram, millennial audience, visually impressive

  • Not just the millennial audience and visual impact, but Instagram is known as the most engaging social platform. Also, it’s a great source of influencer marketing for Shopify stores.
And not just paid, for regular unpaid posts, you can good reach and engagement.

Given below is an example of Follain. They are using Instagram ads for selling free samples of their products. This will build trust when customer will use those products.

  • Fashion, food and fitness are ideal businesses for promotion on Instagram.
Instagram Marketing Tips and Tricks

Pinterest, unrated channel but more targeted audience

A social channel which mainly comprises of females. That means, Shopify stores targeting female gender can reap great benefit from this source of advertising.
  • According to HootSuite, the user-base has disposable income and that you can drive significant amount of traffic both through free and paid ways.
  • Using Pinterest is like scrapebooking. You create boards and then save related pins. You can use ‘Buyable Pins’, ‘Promoted Pins’ as tools for paid marketing on Pinterest.
  • Home decor, fashion, food, and artwork are ideal businesses for Pinterest platform.

How to Use Pinterest Marketing for More Sales?

Choose the Right Marketing Channel for Your Business  

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