How Can I Get First Sale in 30 Days? A Checklist

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Hundreds of channels and ways are there for business promotion. It solely depends on the type of business / products you are running/selling. It’s really hard to segregate channels making the most sense for your ecommerce business.

Often you will find yourself in a trap of endlessly tweaking your ecommerce website but still not getting much traction.

How to Build Highly Convertible Landing Pages?

Not just Shopify development or Magento development of ecommerce business is sufficient enough. Go beyond in your research such as how to drive targeted audience.

Set Your Target Audience

You can make the most if you know clearly about your target audience. Ecommerce websites often fail in achieving their end goals because they are not sure who their real audiences are.

  • For that matter, go to your competitor’s website. See what sort of customers they are targeting. Another good way is looking into current user base. Looking into what products are bringing in the most customers.
  • Figure out not just who needs the product but who will likely purchase. Do this by making a chart of age, location, gender, income level, education level etc. We name these ‘User Personas’.

How to Overcome User's Desire to Touch Products Online?

  • Evaluate if you have picked the right audience by questioning. Is there enough customer base for my products? Can my customers benefit from products I will sell? What drives my target audience? Etc.
It doesn’t matter what sort of business you are running, spend next 30 days in searching the right type of target audience.
  • Set Google Analytics so that you can see results and evaluate better.

Capitalize on Free Resources

Share your online Shopify store or online business with your personal network. Notice, you will always get 3-4 first sales from your personal network. Reason? Because they trust you.

Some Old School Tips for Boosting Sales

Since you are running a new business, building credibility takes time. Your personal network is the one who relies on you and can buy from you easily.
  • Offer discount code for those who are new to your circle. New ecommerce websites can entice people by offering discount as it seems value for money.

Free gift cards for first 1000 customers, is one of the attractive way for more traffic and customers.
  • Add your Shopify store URL to your personal bios or blogs. Add them in comments while posting in online communities such as Yahoo Answers.

Avoid spamming which means too much of link posting in comments.

Be Part of the Online Communities

  • Put your Shopify store links in relevant communities and at relevant places. Irrelevancy brings spam. Post in Reddit and Facebook Groups.

Research and joining the right communities take time. Spend some time and then post. You will get a positive response if you are posting something which interests the community.

Paid Marketing

Best way of getting the target audience quick is paid marketing. Above mentioned ways are organic and need time where paid marketing bring in quick results. Hire digital marketer as you will get a comprehensive plan from them.
  • Or if you want go for cheap ways of doing it yourself, try boosting your Facebook posts on weekly or daily basis. Run LinkedIn campaigns by reaching out to people with free gift cards/ discount codes.


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