How Can I Install Facebook Pixel in My Shopify Store?

facebook pixel install

Who doesn’t want to be active on Facebook? Do you have a Shopify store and want promotion of your products on Facebook?

Probably, you are looking for ways of installing Facebook pixel in the Shopify store. You’re in the right place, we will help you understand the process in just few minutes.

Integration of Facebook pixel will make your marketing a lot easier as less of a time consumption will let you focus more on product selling.

Let’s get started.

Why install Facebook Pixel?

Track user activity as it will help in running retargeting ads on Facebook. There are chances that user has visited certain pages but didn’t perform any action. The effectiveness of Facebook ads can be measured through this tool installation. You can see how many clicks made purchases.

What’s the preferred method of installing Facebook Pixel?

Installation of tracking pixel doesn’t require any professional coding skills. Even Shopify offer easy UI for integration. That’s why we found Shopify even ideal when compared with other conventional sites.

Go to Facebook Ads Manager and find pixel. You will find it under Measure & Report from where you can select pixel below Event Manager.

After clicking you will move on to next screen which will showcase your Pixel ID number. Copy the number.

Now go to your Shopify store and select Online Store under Sales Channels. You can easily locate Preferences.

You will find Facebook Pixel tab. Paste your copied Pixel id number in the provided field of Facebook Pixel ID.

What can I track through the above method?

The above method of installing Facebook Pixel will track almost six conversions of the Shopify store. Add to cart, product view, add payment info, initiate checkout, purchase and search.

What if I want tracking on an advance level?

You can track most of the features of Shopify store through this method but if you want advance custom conversions, then install the code in website specific pages. We don’t recommend doing this until and unless you have the HTML expertise.

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