How Can I Optimize for Mobile Commerce Sales?

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Mobile isn’t just a device for texting and social media, in fact, it is a primary source of generating commerce sales. If you are an ecommerce store owner, you know fully well that online presence is vital for branding and marketing.

Optimization for search engine, content marketing and putting high-quality product images on the website are some key factors for making an ecommerce business successful.

Above mentioned three factors' optimization is totally different for desktop than mobile.

Get an edge from your competitors’ ecommerce websites by optimizing for mobile screens too.

Mobile Commerce Sale Stats, Assess Mobile Friendliness

Around 54% of all ecommerce sales will come from mobile commerce by 2021. On the other hand, we found a study that says that only 12% of the mobile shoppers felt convenient over online shopping.

Almost 67% of the online customers complained about the clickable links as they were too small when accessed through mobile.

One of the most frustrating things for mobile user is the time-taking UX. Mobile friendly term doesn’t mean capturing mobile sales only.

Still desktop is attracting more sales in comparison to mobile commerce sales. In simpler words, mobile browsing doesn’t mean mobile buying.

In order to check if your ecommerce website is mobile friendly or not, there are different tools which you can use.

What will they do? They will evaluate your website on different parameters. Since we understand that every website has a different structure and layouts so we can’t set a standard method. However, the parameters which could be considered are:

Image and video loading time, font visibility, loading speed of website/pages, how the pop-ups are used, UI/UX, click through rate etc. are some core factors which we can check through the market available tools.

Responsiveness of a Website, User-Friendly Navigation

An ecommerce website may look great on a desktop but it may look devastating on mobile as we have gone through multiple such scenarios. Don’t kill your online mobile presence.

Improve the responsiveness of a website. Some of the ecommerce platforms have built-in feature i.e. Magento. Hire ecommerce developer in case you are not sure how to do it. In case, you already have the team, sit with your web designer and front end guy and fix responsiveness issues, as this can make or break your website branding.

User-friendly navigation is another factor crucial for keeping the user on the website through mobile device. User must be able to access main menu, product pages, links, CTAs etc. easily. User retention rate describes the user purchasing behavior, if the navigation is pathetic, there is no chance of converting a visitor to a paying customer.

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