How Can I Optimize Web Page Speed?

web page speed

A website when starts making money, one of the primary concerns an ecommerce merchant has is the web performance. Often, website speed slows down and results in delayed requests.

A slow website drops down your conversion rate. In this blog, we will share simple ways of increasing web page load speed. The idea isn’t just about scripts, cache or images but it also includes HTML content. If HTML is taking too long, obviously every other request will get delayed.

Caching HTML on ecommerce websites or dynamic websites is somehow daunting if not at all. The caching process doesn’t happen by default in a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Optimization of Dynamic and Static Websites

For static websites, page caching is not an issue. But in dynamic websites where content changes or customizes among users, HTML content caching may cause errors.

There is one simple example of dynamic websites. If a user adds products into his cart and then removes few, the cached data may display the number of remaining items inaccurately.

One solution is implementing web page personalization in separate Java files or cache data for a shorter period of time.


Cache HTML content for users who aren’t log in or didn’t add any products.

Solution 1: Script personalization

Implementing personalization in web through separate JavaScript files is what some of the ecommerce merchants are doing such as The Gap website.

This practice allows caching of HTML. Scripts can upgrade the page after the loading is done. Check website speed after implementation.

Solution 2: Anonymous users

Suppose, you don’t have the budget to revamp or redesign a website for improving page speed. There is another option i.e. the anonymous user.

What does this mean? Web server or CDN will cache every page excepts the requests which are placed mentioned to be in the exclusion criteria.

Most commonly used is the session cookie which is used when a user logs in or adds a product into the cart. Cookie is important in a way that it tracks every user.

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