How Can I Strategize Shipping Better?

ecommerce shipping tips

Putting in a proper shipping strategy is a tough job because it involves multiple teams i.e. marketing, sales, fulfillment, and all the teams in between.

Merchants use strategic shipping to stand out from their competition. In this blog, we will walk you through ecommerce shipping strategy that works.

Right team, right goals

Hire right people for the job or assemble team of potential stakeholders. You may not know in the beginning but you need homework. Here is a rough detail. Marketing, web design and development, fulfillment, customer service, - all must be aligned with shipping department.

Hire Shopify experts or hire Magento experts in case of outsourcing.

Once you know the roles of the teams, you are in a better position to set goals. There could be several goals such as: increasing conversions, increasing average order value (AOV), expanding market or audience, improving operations, cutting costs etc.

Shipping solutions and options

While thinking of strategies in the Shopify development (or Magento development), do consider three factors. First, product size and weight. Second, shipping destinations. Third, shipping options.

Size and weight

If the products you are selling are in uniformity, then go with per item zone based approach. Here, price will vary only because of the customer location. And not by the product size and weight.

You can offer a promotion i.e. free shipping over $50 purchase.

In case, your product sizes and weight varies, ask directly from your carriers i.e. DHL, UPS etc. They can better tell and that way you can ensure best price for your customers.


They are as important as the product dimensions themselves. For domestic shipping, keep flat rate or free shipping. Set rates based on the zones, increase rates as you radiate out of your zone.

Rates can vary a lot even in the neighboring country. So better to consult international carriers.

Shipping options

Free in-store pickup, same day delivery and free shipping are some of the options. Look beyond big names, you will find innumerable options offering the same quality services.

In major cities, you can easily find a local courier service for quicker delivery. Also, they offer competitive rates.

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