How Can I Track PayPal Transactions for Ecommerce Store?

PayPal is one of the most accepted and popular ways of transferring payments online. E commerce websites have PayPal integration but tracking the transactions exactly is one of the tricky tasks.

Best way of tracking payments of PayPal is through Google Analytics. Send details of the user to PayPal and then send confirmed sales back to GA. This allows the merchant or the ecommerce store owner see the transactions, behavior and the channel's acquisition.

PayPal is the fast and easy way of securing payments online. However, it isn’t like copying and pasting the tracking code into the PayPal account. After the customer pays via PayPal account, a user gets a ‘thanks’ or ‘order confirmation’ on the website page.

Reporting the number of orders confirmed is hard to evaluate through this behavior. We may not be reporting the right figure because after the successful transaction, a user may not reach the website again. Also, if we calculate the numbers clicking through PayPal, again we may be over reporting the numbers as some may go back or exit the purchase cycle.

Both of the above options are not helpful. So, let’s move towards a solution.

Set Return URL

Right return URL bring the paying customer back to the website for the order confirmation. Hence, it will trigger the GA to record a payment. In an ecommerce platform, there are payment settings.

In PayPal, the settings icon is right next to the logging button. Check the left corner menu and opt for ‘my selling tools’. Go to ‘update’ in ‘website preferences’.

Make sure the ‘auto return’ button is ‘on’. And add the return URL in the field below.

Do not let GA report mistakenly. There is a possibility that if a user pays via PayPal, and goes back, GA takes PayPal as a referral source instead of the website. Set it right by going to the admin>Tracking Info>Referral Exclusion List. Add in the domain name field.

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