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Beat Your Competition and Boost Your Sales This Holiday Season, Here’s How?

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Festive spirit is brewing and Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Mondays are just around the corner. You can implement marketing strategies for capitalizing on Black Friday sales.

Ecommerce giants like Amazon steal most of the Black Friday sales. To counter this, small brands or businesses should proactively prepare their plans for the holiday season.

There are really good opportunities for brands of all sorts during the festive / holiday season of the year. Just three things, take the mobile approach, use alternative payment methods and know the ‘timing’ i.e. the primary time slots during the shopping week.

Put mobile first, people browse more on smart devices these days

Sale in the year 2017 was 26 times more than the previous year over the mobile phone. This shows that more and more people are browsing brand services or Black Friday sales on their mobile devices.

Take it this way, ‘where there is a mobile, there is a sale opportunity’. There is no better way of testing the potential of your products/services during Black Friday or Cyber Monday, if they testify the market or not. Also, you will get great insight if you try improving your mobile brand presence.

Make sure the UX, payment options and the speed on mobile are working fine. Try to make it as seamless as your desktop version.

Don’t miss out on timings on Black Fridays

Tapping on the timings of the shoppers will help you in conversion a lot. Shoppers usually don’t buy in the daytime and as per the survey, the purchasers are more active in the evening. Research data over the internet has shown us that 10 pm to 11 pm EST is the time of high purchase on Black Fridays.

Also, there is another spike i.e. 9 pm to 11 pm EST on Cyber Mondays.

Offer more flexible payment options

Websites or mobile versions of them, if offer more of payment options, this tends shoppers buy with ease. Limited payments options may not help you earn sales the way you want them.

Also, if a user opts for payment on longer terms or on installments. That’s another way of getting the customers around.


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ecommerce marketing channels

Choose the Right Marketing Channel for an Ecommerce Business

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Marketing doesn’t follow any formula, rather you must try a lot of mix and match of direct and indirect marketing channels for driving traffic and sales for an ecommerce business.

You have many options of marketing channels and it’s just a matter of time that you can climb the ladder of success. How? Find which platform best serves your business cause/purpose.

Build a Website First

Probably, you will be inclined towards free marketing channels i.e. social media. But believe it or not, developing a website is something which pays really good. Now the case is how?

If you set up a business on any other marketing channel for business promotion, visibility and reach, what the point? There must be a website where all of your customers can go and check all of your products. Potential customers don’t convert with first interaction.

A website provides ample opportunities for a customer to convert. Leads can better be handled over the websites. They build trust too, as a website is a place where a client/customer can actually see the contact details like numbers, addresses, emails etc. also testimonials and reviews.

Go for Free-and-Easy Marketing Channels

After website development, now is the time for free and immediate channels for marketing.

Social media is the ultimate answer here. You can’t get any reasonable traffic than the social media especially if you want viral products/posts.

Get listed on directories like Google My Business, Google Maps, Yelp and the niche specific directories.

Thirdly, build relationships with influencers as they are building blocks for penetrating into the market easily.

Blogging, SEO, Video Publishing

These three are free but not so easy for making the marketing happen. Simply because every second digital marketer is adopting these channels. However, that doesn’t mean you skip any of them.

Blogging will help you get into the searches as a user searches for a related term. People search online and that’s how they find blogs of their need.

SEO is another organic method but it takes time. It is part of blogging, as SEO without quality blogs is impossible. With time, your valuable blogs with SEO will pay off.

Video publishing is another free channel for marketing. Though this channel too consumes time but you don’t need to hire a professional video maker or even need a fancy camera.


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How I Can Convert Holidays Emails Well?

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Holidays are here and just like 2017, you can expect earning millions during each day of November. This is not just a random statement. Emails attracted 20% more traffic to websites last year during the holiday season.

Also, stats show us that email marketing/holidays emails generated 25% sales on Cyber Monday in 2017. While retailers do prepare themselves for big season holiday sales, they not only try selling through their physical stores but online sales are equally as important.

For engaging and conversion focused emails, there are number of tactics for holidays emails conversion.

Highlight your edge, the only benefit you’re offering

During the holidays season, there are discounts on almost each and every brand selling online. Amazon alone accounted for 50% of the online sales happened last year. Basic question is, why somebody picks you when there is another popular option available? Finding your competitive advantages is critical in selling online. Do highlight your ‘offering’ in the email visibly well. For instance, free returns, satisfaction guarantees, price guarantees, complimentary gift wrapping or any direct contact information.

You name all these given instances ‘value-adds’ as they overcome customers’ barrier in making a purchase. Always remember, some customers are seasonal shoppers. And they may be waiting for your email reminder.

Right Incentive, discount trends

Last year following discount trends were popular: in-store exclusive discounts, free gifts with tiered discounts, and category-specific sales.

Everyone is offering discount, it is the best time of the year and we all know it. Offering a free gift on a purchase can be tiered with discounts. Retailer knows the price of the free product and he can use this way for selling even an expensive product. More like, convincing a customer that it’s a good trade.

Use personalized product recommendation emails

Engaging a person through email noise is difficult as mostly such emails fall into promotion sections of the email. However, personalized product recommendation emails are reported to be a pulling factor for customers buying stuff online.

Use personalized product recommendation in your emails and website both, it offers trust and plays as a useful trick.

That doesn’t mean you stop sending promotional emails. You can do product recommendation trick on emails with order and shipping confirmations, post-purchase or welcome emails.


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