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How Can I Get Quality Backlinks for Free?

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When you start doing SEO of your small business there are few terms which you will hear a lot. Such as, inbound links, outbound links, follow links and no follow links. We often overlook the importance of backlinks in SEO. For that matter, we need to know what are backlinks and how they play their role in improving the page rank in Google.

What are backlinks?

Links which point one domain to another.  If the website is receiving a link from another website that’s called inbound linking. And if the website is linking out to another website that’s called outbound linking. Also, if you are linking internally or linking one page of your website to another that’s called internal linking.

Why backlinks in SEO important?

Backlink is a vote of trust from a website. A website with more of backlinks ranks higher in Google SERPs. Scenario of Backlinks in SEO has changed a lot from 2000s as the game is of quality links and not of bad ones. This means, a website with more of a quality links ranks higher.

How backlinks are still relevant today?

Concept of backlinks is still relevant in recent times. How? SEO related studies believe that a website with quality and strong links is still ranking high in Google positions.

Segregation has improved as we mentioned earlier. Google is smart enough and knows which links are valid and of quality. Now focus has shifted towards quality.

Here, you need to know what’s a good link and what’s a bad link as they influence your website ranking.

Good link – It comes from a relevant website with high domain authority and Google trust score. And it doesn’t contain ‘nofollow’ attribute in its properties.

Bad link – Results from link exchange, it’s paid and comes from low quality website (low quality websites which have low domain authority, page authority and trust scores). A link which comes a website with little to no authentic or original content. Such links have sole purpose of Google’s ranking manipulations.

What are follow and nofollow backlinks in SEO?

By default, all of the links are ‘follow’ links. What does this mean? It means when search engine crawlers find a link pointing towards a website, they get a direction and it’s counted as a vote of trust from one domain for another.

Follow links have one problem, they may contain ad links which may lead reader to untrusted content.

Search engines have a solution for this problem. In order to prevent ads, you can use ‘nofollow’ attribute for a link. However, nofollow attribute is being used for many reasons by bloggers/websites.

Smart ways of backlinking in SEO

free backlinks

Guest blogging /posting

You may be writing for some website for free but do you know that you can seek benefit out of it?

When you guest post, you get a chance to talk to new audience and you can drive them to your own website. It gives exposure and builds a brands’ reputation. It not only increases subscribers /reader but a great strategic way of inbound marketing.

Submitting a guest post basically gives you free backlinks. Some websites also let you promote your social pages and community pages.

As a blogger, your target should always be a high quality original content. A blog with valuable information or something which could be shared in itself drives audience. Whatever we say, word of mouth is the strongest of all marketing strategies. A quality blog can produce sufficient backlinks.

Expert roundups

In this marketing strategy, you ask or reach out to bloggers and influencers for participation. Everyone submit answers and then you prepare a roundup based on the expert opinion submitted by bloggers.

The roundups are insightful because bloggers share their experiences and tips. Hence such content earns value and gets free backlinks.

Some roundups are based on user favorite products and tips on what should they buy and what not. Most of the times, users/bloggers are willing to share the link on their own blogs simply because it has an expert advice.

Broken links are useful

We often encounter broken links but you know what they could be used for attracting backlinks. Many website owners are often negligent of the broken links and if someone brings them into notice, that’s a nice gesture.

Just write an email and highlight broken links (obviously related to your blog/website). Find out broken links through any free useful SEO tool. SEMRush is a great tool for extraction of broken links. When a blogger finds out, he will appreciate and once you get a response, pitch them your backlinks. You can suggest that your content could be a great for filling in the broken link gap.

Testimonials and reviews

A White hat SEO technique where you can start off by preparing a list of products and services for review. Check out related niche websites if they have a page or section where they post product reviews and testimonials, if yes then write one.

Websites love reviews and testimonials for showing off to their clients. Take out some time, write reviews and submit them. And in many cases, you don’t ask for the backlink but you get it as this adds authenticity in testimonials / reviews.


A long vertical image with icons and content representing a whole blog idea. They gain huge traction for small and large businesses. Many companies hire web designer for designing infographics.

One good point about infographics is that they are ‘evergreen’ and can be shared for maximum number of times. But how this is related for backlinks idea? After preparing detailed infographics, ask bloggers in your niche for posting. Since they are related and detailed bloggers, they will post with the backlink credits.

Email / influencer outreach

We receive dozens of emails every day and mostly trash. However, email outreach is effective if not done in robotic manner. A template sent out to hundreds of prospects.

What’s the process?

-Write a great blog post

-List down websites/blogs covering the same topic

-Prepare contacts of those bloggers/websites

-Draft customize emails, let them know about your work and give reason why it’s better than theirs

Connect with the bloggers in your niche. Read their blogs and see what topics interest them. Communicate with them and write custom emails and not one-that-fits-all. This will bring responses and backlinks.

Here's a small useful SEO tip that is, do send a ‘follow-up’ email.

Blog commenting

An excellent way to bring your blog in limelight. Commenting on other blogs build relations with other bloggers. If you start commenting and show interest in their blogs, the relation will be long lasting.

There was a time when commenting was generating direct traffic and backlinks were posted. Now the trend has shifted. Make sure your comments are thoughtful and gives value. And if you are new to a website/blog, don’t start posting link based comments right away.

Participation in communities

Keep yourself active on communities such as Quora, Yahoo Answers, Reddit, LinkedIn etc. Mentioned communities are the most popular ones for getting backlinks in SEO.

Try to add value in your comments/answers in these communities. When feel necessary only then post your blog link. This will bring web traffic which will retain. That means, it will keep coming back.

Free valuable digital products

And not just valuable blogs, you can give out freebies like ebooks, tutorials, templates, videos etc for backlinks in SEO. When you offer free digital products, chances of receiving free backlinks increases.

Blogs if found something free, they refer to such websites / blogs....

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seo tips

How to Steal Competitor Traffic and Leads? (Part 2)

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In part 1 of this blog post, we discussed setting up one of the most useful SEO tool i.e. SEMRush and how it could be used for jotting down a list of competitors based on the industry keywords.

Let’s get started from where we ended.

Competitor’s Successful Pages Are Your Asset for SEO Marketing

You need to find out which keywords are driving the most traffic on such pages. Scroll down to the keywords section in SEMRush tool and click on the full report.

You will get a complete list of organic keywords or search terms on which pages of the competitor is ranking. Here is an example screenshot.

Don’t Forget Targeted Keywords

Your company now needs pair of targeted keywords to be incorporated into blog posts and focus on the content generation as according.

SEO Tip: Keywords with high search volume and low competition are the ones you should pay attention.

Use the Skyscraper Technique

Now get harder into the working strategy. The skyscraper technique is one of the SEO tips and outlines the ways content can compete with the market.

There are following pointers important here:

Produce lengthy content, this means your content should cover more sub-topics than the one covered by competitor.

Prepare a more recent and relevant version, there are chances that you already had a blog or related content but add more up-to-date examples for recency.

Formatting of content, this means the layout of the blog/page is important. Design a better version than your competitor.

In order to cover all these three points, check where your competitor lack, and what else can make the blog post elaborative and more informative.

Content Optimization

Once you have decided what sort of content should be prepared. Write a whole draft and then optimize. For instance, you want a blog with a target keyword ‘content marketing’, use it as a primary keyword inside the content.

SEO tips for content optimization include:

1- Relevancy of URL (

2- Use the keyword ‘content marketing’ in H1 tag

3- Use the keyword in first 100 words

4- Use the keyword in meta title and meta description

Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords

LSI keywords have changed the way we used to determine the relevancy of the keywords or content. Previously we were relying on keyword density. Now Google is even smarter, it relies on Latent Semantic Indexing keywords. Let’s make it clear through an example.

In Google search, if we write ‘Apple’ how could it fetch results. The search engine doesn’t know the context i.e. either the user is interested into brand, fruit or a nickname. However, LSI keywords are like flavor, taste, tech etc.

Now we have the content ready for posting.

Happy Stealing!

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content lead generation

How to Skyrocket Lead Generation through Content?

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Beside native marketing, blogging is still one of the primary ways of lead generation for B2C and B2B businesses. According to WebDAM stats, 67% more leads could be generated for B2B than those who do not blog. The figure is huge.

Let’s move on and see what types of content can act as lead magnets. Or, we can say content marketing tips and tactics.

Educational content

Your target audience might be looking for solutions, educate them via your content. It could be how-to videos, infographics any such thing.

Second, content should be in-line with your product features. You can share your expert advice in the end in order to build credibility.

E-books around popular content posts

One of the wise ways of harnessing the maximum benefit out of content is by preparing e-books. Dig down and see which of your content posts are doing well. It could be in any form i.e. videos, lists, blogs etc.

Case studies of successful projects

Write case studies on the projects where you had undertaken a challenge and resolve critical issues. Present it as a success story. Clients before handing over their projects look into the projects you have done and the way you devised a solution.

Make it easy for website visitors finding out the case studies through user-friendly navigation.

Lead magnets – pop-ups, cheatsheets, ebooks

Lead magnets are actually the irresistible offer for the online visitor on your website. It could be in any form, you can offer a free e-book, or a cheat sheet on tips, etc.

Don’t forget to place them at the right place. It could be in the sidebars. However, you can see the placement or layout with your user experience designer.

Don’t forget social media, amplify your efforts

Share your content (blogs, infographics, videos, lists, articles, PR posts etc.) on social media accounts. You can reproduce evergreen content once a week. This is a pro tip and mostly followed by the B2C and B2B marketers.

Update industry influencers

An important thing while thinking of content marketing is, updating the industry influencers about the content you are producing.

Sending them newsletters, or blogs is a way of reaching out and making them realize that you exist.

Content Writing

Digital Marketing

Email Marketing


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seo tips

How to Steal Competitor’s Web Traffic and Leads? (Part 1)

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In order to convert your visitors into customers, there must a consistent flow of visitors. Optimizing a web page isn’t an easy task. One of our mutual concerns is getting to know how our competitors are driving their traffic and attracting leads.

There are multiple SEO tips and ways of doing it, how about we take you step by step? Okay, let’s get started.

SEMRush tool setup

First setup SEMRush tool, that is login and create an account. There is a free but limited version available. We recommend purchasing at least the basic one. You can use it for keyword research and brand monitoring.

After the signup, go to the search bar and put the competitor’s website URL.

This tool is excellent as you will get an overview of the website. Organic and paid traffic and the keywords the competitor is ranking.

Find your competitor (in case you are not sure)

Create a list of competitor’s websites for SEO marketing. You may have an idea but it’s better jotting them down as then you can compare with the list provided by the SEMRush tool.

List of SEMRush will tell competitors based on the keywords you are planning for insertion in meta titles and descriptions of a website.

Why the list is important? The tool highlights competitors which you may not know exist.

Now, find the list of competitors by going to the organic search and then to competitors on the left side of the column.

This tool will give the list of competitors along with the list of different keywords they are attracting organic traffic.

SEO analysis

Pick one of the competitors with the most keywords ranking. Put the URL in the competitor analysis. Go to the pages which are attracting the maximum traffic.

In order to do this, go to ‘organic research’ and then to ‘pages’. This way, you will get all the pages ranking better on Google. Usually, the homepage has the most traffic percentage. However, important pages are the ones after the homepage.

Probably blog posts will be the pages attracting the most traffic. Pick one of the blog posts and check their organic traffic. The one with the most traffic probably has the best keywords and backlinks.

Now start the stealing… (Continue to part 2 of this blog post)...

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email marketing trends

5 Email Design Trends with High ROI

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Email marketing is one of the leading sources among digital marketing channels for bringing leads. This year you can expect personalized and interactive email designs trending.

For crafting content of emails, machine learning and AI driven content will be used in the emails. Though, it was in the email marketing trends of 2018 but it will pass on in 2019 too.

Rather than using just GIFS and CSS animation, more variation in animations will be experimented this year.

In this blog, we will discuss the utilization of live data such as count down clocks and other digital marketing trends in emails along with the ones mentioned above.

Dynamic Content and Personalization of Emails

Last year, this factor came on number second. In 2019, it stays on number one spot mainly because dynamic content is more and more AI driven. This makes granular personalization possible with tailored email content. Email marketing has become easy because of the use of AI and machine learning tactics.

Product Marketing Manager, Bridgette Darling says, ‘Artificial intelligence features like predictive fatigue and predictive offer will begin to be woven into every aspect of the campaign process. These features will allow email marketers to more effectively create experiences that speak to our customer’s interests, behaviors, intentions, motivations and next-steps.’

Interactive Emails

Brands like HomeDepot are developing frictionless user experiences via interactive emails. The brand is requesting for product review where even call to action is inside the email. Only the submission confirmation message appears on the landing page of the website.

Email marketers can easily integrate interactive features with respect to content and design inside their daily email campaigns.

Machine Learning Is Determining the Email Content

Machine learning helps in personalization of emails. You can tailor send times for different time zones by seeking the user interests and behaviors. Subject line recommendations are being made based on past behaviors of the target audience.

Utilization of Live Data

Live data or email content is populated when a user opens an email. This keeps data up to date and relevant to the email subscribers who may open the email late or not immediately.

Some of the commonly use real-time or live data are:

1- Countdown clocks i.e. end of sale etc.

2- Real-time weather forecast

3- Medal tallies and live scores

4- Current inventory quantity

Animated GIFS

Anything moving grabs attention, a common design concept. Animated GIFs are more in use in comparison to CSS animation.

“Our designers spend as much time in Adobe Animate as they do in Photoshop. Tweezing, easing, and other advanced animation concepts has allowed our animations to become more eye-catching and sophisticated,” says Matthew Caldwell, SVP Worldwide Creative at Yes Marketing.

Don’t miss out the load time factor. No need for too many GIFs, one per email is sufficient. And, don’t forget GIF image file size.

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big data for customer targeting

How Big Data Helps in Smart Customer Targeting?

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Marketers have moved forward from traditional ways of marketing. With the advent of digital marketing, every step of a customer journey can be analyzed. And the accuracy level of customer engagement has improved with the help of predictive analysis, one of the big data techniques.

Methods of identifying the right target audience vary from one firm to another. However, big data analytics has made it easy yet time savvy.

Previously heavy research was used. The approach was to look into past performance and comparison of campaigns. Given the amount of content/data is produced daily, only the most efficient and well-crafted reaches out.

According to stats, only 5% of the 90% of the branded content garners attention. Rest goes unnoticed. What’s the reason behind? Consumers can consume only as much as they can. Demand stays the same whereas production is more.

All kinds of data produced and kept in record every year, collecting and analyzing such information will give business insight into what sells the best. Even such data can be used for making future predictions based on old customer behavior and patterns.

Big data can’t be used without structuring

Data without assembling is just a mass of unrelated information which can take years for comprehension. Here comes the big data and machine learning techniques implementation. Big data experts can help businesses structure data and use it for better insights.

Cut down data size, add filters

First step in smart targeting is determining what we need and exploring all sources of our user’s interest. In the second step comes cutting down data size and narrowing the search.

Narrow your options until you reach the exact proportion. For this, you can add a variety of filters. One basic could be time limit. If you just want results for last week, or even the last over, there must be a filter.

Analyze and develop a good understanding

Without stats, you may never know what your customer want. After filtering the right information, comes the part where we turn filtered information into manageable yet productive insights.

Advanced analytics in big data analytics help brands in many ways. Such as, business owners can look into associated words for known brands. Or we can see big influencers on Twitter, Facebook etc. making an impact for a certain brand....

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Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Miss in 2019

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Digital marketing is evolving which includes SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, PPC campaigns and more. There was a time when artificial intelligence was considered not more than a stunt inspired from science fiction film. Now time has changed.

AI, chatbots, influencer marketing, video marketing, retargeting and social messaging apps are some of the top digital marketing trends of 2019.

Artificial Intelligence

Monitor your customer search patterns and the behavior by using AI. The technology utilizes data from social platforms and blogs in order to help businesses understand their target audience.

Example, Facebook messenger chatbots help in optimization and automation of customer service.

Gartner shared a stat that 25% of the customer service will be delivered through chatbots by 2020 which was 2% in 2017.

Voice Search 

Use of voice search and voice commands is increasing year after another. Even we have seen that voice search is giving more authority to mobile users for accessing the information online.

Unlike usual searches where if a user makes a search query he is provided with multiple page options. In voice search case, only few and relevant answers will be opened. What does that mean for a digital space? Simple, optimization of content as per voice searches.

Here the tip is, publish the content which solves user queries. Prepare voice search keywords for digital marketing and social media marketing campaigns.

Integrating Interactive Chatbots

Chatbots are using text, voice and messaging altogether for providing services to the consumers long before virtual reality. According to some estimates, 1.4 billion people are interacting with chatbots for customer service.

Also, by 2022, stats suggest $8 billion per year savings for businesses. This means, there is no need for adding a team for customer support when businesses will have fully integrated interactive chatbots in hand.

And customers prefer interaction with chatbots because they give a prompt reply, show accurate buying history and never lose patience.

Uber uses chatbots for customers for making ride booking easy. Through chatbots, they can book a ride from Google maps, Facebook messenger or via Slack....

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Beat Your Competition and Boost Your Sales This Holiday Season, Here’s How?

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Festive spirit is brewing and Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Mondays are just around the corner. You can implement marketing strategies for capitalizing on Black Friday sales.

Ecommerce giants like Amazon steal most of the Black Friday sales. To counter this, small brands or businesses should proactively prepare their plans for the holiday season.

There are really good opportunities for brands of all sorts during the festive / holiday season of the year. Just three things, take the mobile approach, use alternative payment methods and know the ‘timing’ i.e. the primary time slots during the shopping week.

Put mobile first, people browse more on smart devices these days

Sale in the year 2017 was 26 times more than the previous year over the mobile phone. This shows that more and more people are browsing brand services or Black Friday sales on their mobile devices.

Take it this way, ‘where there is a mobile, there is a sale opportunity’. There is no better way of testing the potential of your products/services during Black Friday or Cyber Monday, if they testify the market or not. Also, you will get great insight if you try improving your mobile brand presence.

Make sure the UX, payment options and the speed on mobile are working fine. Try to make it as seamless as your desktop version.

Don’t miss out on timings on Black Fridays

Tapping on the timings of the shoppers will help you in conversion a lot. Shoppers usually don’t buy in the daytime and as per the survey, the purchasers are more active in the evening. Research data over the internet has shown us that 10 pm to 11 pm EST is the time of high purchase on Black Fridays.

Also, there is another spike i.e. 9 pm to 11 pm EST on Cyber Mondays.

Offer more flexible payment options

Websites or mobile versions of them, if offer more of payment options, this tends shoppers buy with ease. Limited payments options may not help you earn sales the way you want them.

Also, if a user opts for payment on longer terms or on installments. That’s another way of getting the customers around.


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ecommerce marketing channels

Choose the Right Marketing Channel for an Ecommerce Business

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Marketing doesn’t follow any formula, rather you must try a lot of mix and match of direct and indirect marketing channels for driving traffic and sales for an ecommerce business.

You have many options of marketing channels and it’s just a matter of time that you can climb the ladder of success. How? Find which platform best serves your business cause/purpose.

Build a Website First

Probably, you will be inclined towards free marketing channels i.e. social media. But believe it or not, developing a website is something which pays really good. Now the case is how?

If you set up a business on any other marketing channel for business promotion, visibility and reach, what the point? There must be a website where all of your customers can go and check all of your products. Potential customers don’t convert with first interaction.

A website provides ample opportunities for a customer to convert. Leads can better be handled over the websites. They build trust too, as a website is a place where a client/customer can actually see the contact details like numbers, addresses, emails etc. also testimonials and reviews.

Go for Free-and-Easy Marketing Channels

After website development, now is the time for free and immediate channels for marketing.

Social media is the ultimate answer here. You can’t get any reasonable traffic than the social media especially if you want viral products/posts.

Get listed on directories like Google My Business, Google Maps, Yelp and the niche specific directories.

Thirdly, build relationships with influencers as they are building blocks for penetrating into the market easily.

Blogging, SEO, Video Publishing

These three are free but not so easy for making the marketing happen. Simply because every second digital marketer is adopting these channels. However, that doesn’t mean you skip any of them.

Blogging will help you get into the searches as a user searches for a related term. People search online and that’s how they find blogs of their need.

SEO is another organic method but it takes time. It is part of blogging, as SEO without quality blogs is impossible. With time, your valuable blogs with SEO will pay off.

Video publishing is another free channel for marketing. Though this channel too consumes time but you don’t need to hire a professional video maker or even need a fancy camera.


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How Can I Convert Holidays Emails Well?

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Holidays are here and just like 2017, you can expect earning millions during each day of November. This is not just a random statement. Emails attracted 20% more traffic to websites last year during the holiday season. Also, stats show us that email marketing/holidays emails generated 25% sales on Cyber Monday in 2017. While retailers do prepare themselves for big season holiday sales, they not only try selling through their physical stores but online sales are equally as important. For engaging and conversion focused emails, there are number of tactics for holidays emails conversion.

Highlight your edge, the only benefit you’re offering

During the holidays season, there are discounts on almost each and every brand selling online. Amazon alone accounted for 50% of the online sales happened last year. Basic question is, why somebody picks you when there is another popular option available? Finding your competitive advantages is critical in selling online. Do highlight your ‘offering’ in the email visibly well. For instance, free returns, satisfaction guarantees, price guarantees, complimentary gift wrapping or any direct contact information. You name all these given instances ‘value-adds’ as they overcome customers’ barrier in making a purchase. Always remember, some customers are seasonal shoppers. And they may be waiting for your email reminder.

Right Incentive, discount trends

Last year following discount trends were popular: in-store exclusive discounts, free gifts with tiered discounts, and category-specific sales. Everyone is offering discount, it is the best time of the year and we all know it. Offering a free gift on a purchase can be tiered with discounts. Retailer knows the price of the free product and he can use this way for selling even an expensive product. More like, convincing a customer that it’s a good trade.

Use personalized product recommendation emails

Engaging a person through email noise is difficult as mostly such emails fall into promotion sections of the email. However, personalized product recommendation emails are reported to be a pulling factor for customers buying stuff online. Use personalized product recommendation in your emails and website both, it offers trust and plays as a useful trick. That doesn’t mean you stop sending promotional emails. You can do product recommendation trick on emails with order and shipping confirmations, post-purchase or welcome emails....

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