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Some Old School Tips for Better Ecommerce Store Sales

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Are you selling the products your customers are looking for? Do you offer better quality and pricing? Does your store have easy user experience? Design and content in harmony? Literally, single out every other concern which pops up in your mind related to your ecommerce store.

Ecommerce sales aren’t easy, even it takes months of effort for customer behavior understanding.

6 Most Successful Small Business Ideas You Can Start with No Money

Here are few ecommerce tips for making the most sales.

Earn your customer trust

In old school, customers were made on trust. That is the reason why, word of mouth marketing was really strong. Through an online store, you can do the same by delivering quality products.

If you win trust, you will build credibility.

Every company has a unique value preposition. First develop that, and then cash on it by delivering the best of your products.

Tell visitors a story i.e. who you are, where you are located, company’s contact etc. Your customer should know about your success stories with real customer images.

Put together all the information

Do market research, what your customers are looking for, their intentions, buying behaviors and their problems.

Seek data from analytics, as it groups shoppers with same behavior.

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Appropriate content

Strategize content for authenticity such as product recommendations, and supporting content (testimonials).

While making strategy, look into competitors designed navigation and see tools for data analysis like Google Analytics. This tool is really helpful.

Show related products if a customer is showing interest in one of your products. Don’t hesitate in doing upselling and cross-selling.

4 UX Optimization Tips for Increase in Ecommerce Sales

Product alerts

Users often gather products in their wish lists and shopping carts and forget. You can create email alerts or remind them through newsletters.

A pro ecommerce sales tip can help small businesses.

Also, if a user is signing up and not buying, it’s an indication that he is interested in your products. You can send them product alerts too.

3 Actionable Marketing Tactics for Rapid Increase in Ecommerce Sales

Listen to user concerns

Objections and concerns must be answered and pay attention to. Don’t frustrate your customer, as they are your brand ambassadors. Small businesses can’t afford angry or annoyed customers. Establish a reliable support.

Follow up after the sale

Send email of confirmation with the same product details as a user was presented at the time of checkout.

Do explain how a customer can modify or cancel his order clearly in the email. Do show order status, history and support options in the email.

Future of Sales Is in the Hands of Chatbots

6 Most Successful Small Business Ideas You Can Start with No Money


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user interface design tips

4 UX Optimization Tips for Increase in Ecommerce Store Sales

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Who doesn’t want to make more bucks? Ecommerce stores often complain for decline in sales. Whether you have a blog, landing page or a social page for ecommerce store promotion, all need immaculate user experience. If there are blockades, they will directly affect sales.

Here, we really need to know what actually UX is? It isn’t just a design. Optimizing content and design in a layout which is user friendly is called user experience. UX optimization like usability, interactivity of design, navigation, content strategy and many other factors are vital.

Here user interface design tips are not just related to design or content but overall website look and feel especially in context of user behavior.

Misperception 1

I am not getting traffic organically so do I need to worry for the page loading time? Wrong.

According to stats, 25% of the buyers leave ecommerce store page if it takes more than 4 seconds to load. If your website is loading with delayed speed, you are losing visitors.

Hack tip 1

Ideally, a website must load under 4 seconds. If your website is loading under 4 seconds, you are in safe zone. For that, first know what’s the current page speed of your website.

How I can check current speed of my website?

Listed here are few steps for checking the page speed.

1-Open Pingdom tool and insert URL of your website on the homepage in the given field. Right next to the field is given the CTA i.e. ‘Test Now’. Click and see results.

2-Analyze page speed, if it’s above 4 seconds, improve it.

Misconception 2

I have a customer form on the website for answering the concerns of customers.

You know manual filling is often avoided by customers. Customers want quick answers and like automate ordering process.

Hack tip 2

Automate by having a chatbots integration on your ecommerce store. There are many free/paid available online.

Chatbots answer 24/7 so you don’t need support team all the times. There are times when a customer is checking out and he needs a quick confirmation. Imagine how you can improve sales figure by having simple chatbots integration.

Misconception 3

Stuffing so much design elements in user interface design. Avoiding white/ negative space.

Hack tip 3

Use whitespace, keep negative space. White space isn’t white color, it could be any color as far as it’s blank. Remember, ‘a blank canvas is where design starts’. Most people take whitespace design approach which is really cool in most instances. Even popular brands like Apple, Google etc. use white space a lot.

User interface design must have whitespace. Whitespace helps CTA (Call to Action) stand out on the web page.

Misconception 4

I should have CTA for at least 3 times on my ecommerce store.

Hack tip 4

Less is more. Let’s say you have a brand with wrist watches. And you are tempted to list 3-4 products and several CTA buttons separately. Don’t do that. Sell one product at a time.

Call to action button = 20 sales

Call to action buttons = 13 sales

Call to action buttons = 5 sales

This user interface design tip is named as 80/20 Pareto Principle, often used in marketing.  ...

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6 Most Successful Small Business Ideas You Can Start with No Money

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Buying inventory, stocking, packing and delivering requires a hardcore commitment for running an online business. But there are tons of other small business ideas which you can utilize which doesn’t involve inventory management. In fact, such ideas don’t ask you for large capital just a computer.

Small businesses are getting more traction on social media. Fact of the matter is, social media userbase has increased over the period of time. We were looking into the stats of 2018 ecommerce sales and see what we found.

social media users

Back in 2018, we discussed low investment business ideas, that covered just the dropshipping and print-on-demand business models.

Low Investment Business Ideas You Can Start Today

Online business ideas we are about to share in this blog post involve less of logistics intricacies and more of business focus. Get hands-on entrepreneurship without spending money initially.

1- Dropshipping business

Dropshipping business model involves a third party seller who stores and delivers the product on your behalf. This means you are only responsible for making sales and there is literally no handling of products.

Most say dropshipping is a modern take on old or conventional business models. However, the business idea of running a dropshipping store is not new and it was there in one form or another.

Buy a product on half or low price and sell it on double. Supplier in such cases doesn’t worry for the orders consistency as you are handling it yourself. It’s a mutual benefit.

Curating products from different suppliers with a focus on single niche is a good practice. This may help in building a business USP.

Having said that, dropshipping is also a low investment way of product testing before divulging into launching an original product.

Get a complete understanding of what is dropshipping and what's important before starting a dropshipping business.

Top 3 Things to Do Before Starting a Dropshipping Business

2- Print-on-demand products

Inventory, shipping and fulfillment is also in the hand of a third party. There is no hassle of managing inventory. In fact, it is an extended dropshipping model.

Unlike the above shared business idea, here the products are customized. Your design is printed on the products. T-shirts, phone cases, hoodies, handbags etc. with custom designs printed are some options.

If you are not a designer, you can hire one from freelancing websites such as Fiver, Upwork etc.

Use t-shirts mockup templates as in such case you don’t have to spend money on the product/design photoshoot.

There are many print-on-demand platforms available for Shopify store integration or with any other ecommerce store integration. Use them to save time and cost.

3- Online videos

Have you watched a video on YouTube lately? Obviously you did. YouTube has 1 billion users and they watch videos of all types and not just the funny ones. You can easily segregate serious channels working on how-to-do videos with maximum views.

First create a YouTube channel. Upload videos of your interest there. Activate monetization in the settings of YouTube. So that way you can enable Google short AdSense ads with the videos. For every viewed ad, you will get paid.

YouTube offers another business opportunity. That is ‘paid sponsorships’. If the YouTube channel harness enough followers and subscriptions, businesses are happy to ask for their product promotions.

Improve reach of your YouTube videos by posting them on Facebook, Twitter, blog etc. Let your circle know that you are into video business.

4- Affiliate Marketing

One of the promotional business models in ecommerce where merchants get connected with online marketers. No need for keeping the inventory or shipping products to customers.

Affiliate marketing under small business ideas is performance based where affiliates get paid when a customer performs an action. And in ecommerce industry context, this action is making an online purchase.

More than 80 percent of the affiliate programs are based on ‘pay-per-sale’.

Amazon is the first one which introduced affiliate marketing back in 1996. Qualified sale is a term which is important for understanding here.

There are certain parameters on which it is evaluated by the merchants.

1- Customer clicking on the affiliate link.

2- Purchased product into the shopping cart in a single session following the click of the customer.

3- Customer paying and receiving the product.

4- Customer keeping the product and not returning it.

Choose the Right Marketing Channel for an Ecommerce Business

Affiliate Ads

They are part of affiliate marketing and under this, an affiliate can choose variable number of channels for promotion of the products.

  • PPC ads (pay-per-click)
  • Digital banner ads
  • YouTube video ads
  • Advertorial content
  • Social media branding

Promotion of merchant’s products on all the above channels on behalf of a merchant.

5- Digital products / courses

You don’t have the physical product selling option only, there are innumerable digital products with a demand in the market. Digital products may include e-books, guides, webinars, podcasts etc. They are the easiest and you can make quick money. This is especially true if you acquire a skillset on the field you are planning to product content for.

Marketing templates or business templates are the ones used the most. Then online music, recorded interviews, how-to videos etc. are some rich digital products.

Original instrumental beats, stock photos or anything of value can be distributed with a creator’s license. A great small business idea.

6- Services business

Developers, designers, writers, photographers, fitness trainers, doctors and more are selling their services. And if the services are online, think of how much business they can generate by just tapping on to the online medium.

Appointment booking apps are now installed in our mobile phones. We don’t want to go and visit physical, rather booking an appointment online is a best-opted option a user goes for.

If you are selling services on an ecommerce platform like Shopify. You can get many book-an-appointment apps where customers can schedule their session with a consultant, doctor, fitness trainer, salon etc. You can use Freelancer or Upwork in order to reach out people for your skillset.

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facebook pixel install

How Can I Install Facebook Pixel in My Shopify Store?

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Who doesn’t want to be active on Facebook? Do you have a Shopify store and want promotion of your products on Facebook?

Probably, you are looking for ways of installing Facebook pixel in the Shopify store. You’re in the right place, we will help you understand the process in just few minutes.

Integration of Facebook pixel will make your marketing a lot easier as less of a time consumption will let you focus more on product selling.

Let’s get started.

Why install Facebook Pixel?

Track user activity as it will help in running retargeting ads on Facebook. There are chances that user has visited certain pages but didn’t perform any action. The effectiveness of Facebook ads can be measured through this tool installation. You can see how many clicks made purchases.

What’s the preferred method of installing Facebook Pixel?

Installation of tracking pixel doesn’t require any professional coding skills. Even Shopify offer easy UI for integration. That’s why we found Shopify even ideal when compared with other conventional sites.

Go to Facebook Ads Manager and find pixel. You will find it under Measure & Report from where you can select pixel below Event Manager.

After clicking you will move on to next screen which will showcase your Pixel ID number. Copy the number.

Now go to your Shopify store and select Online Store under Sales Channels. You can easily locate Preferences.

You will find Facebook Pixel tab. Paste your copied Pixel id number in the provided field of Facebook Pixel ID.

What can I track through the above method?

The above method of installing Facebook Pixel will track almost six conversions of the Shopify store. Add to cart, product view, add payment info, initiate checkout, purchase and search.

What if I want tracking on an advance level?

You can track most of the features of Shopify store through this method but if you want advance custom conversions, then install the code in website specific pages. We don’t recommend doing this until and unless you have the HTML expertise.

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ecommerce sales

How Can I Optimize for Mobile Commerce Sales?

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Mobile isn’t just a device for texting and social media, in fact, it is a primary source of generating commerce sales. If you are an ecommerce store owner, you know fully well that online presence is vital for branding and marketing.

Optimization for search engine, content marketing and putting high-quality product images on the website are some key factors for making an ecommerce business successful.

Above mentioned three factors' optimization is totally different for desktop than mobile.

Get an edge from your competitors’ ecommerce websites by optimizing for mobile screens too.

Mobile Commerce Sale Stats, Assess Mobile Friendliness

Around 54% of all ecommerce sales will come from mobile commerce by 2021. On the other hand, we found a study that says that only 12% of the mobile shoppers felt convenient over online shopping.

Almost 67% of the online customers complained about the clickable links as they were too small when accessed through mobile.

One of the most frustrating things for mobile user is the time-taking UX. Mobile friendly term doesn’t mean capturing mobile sales only.

Still desktop is attracting more sales in comparison to mobile commerce sales. In simpler words, mobile browsing doesn’t mean mobile buying.

In order to check if your ecommerce website is mobile friendly or not, there are different tools which you can use.

What will they do? They will evaluate your website on different parameters. Since we understand that every website has a different structure and layouts so we can’t set a standard method. However, the parameters which could be considered are:

Image and video loading time, font visibility, loading speed of website/pages, how the pop-ups are used, UI/UX, click through rate etc. are some core factors which we can check through the market available tools.

Responsiveness of a Website, User-Friendly Navigation

An ecommerce website may look great on a desktop but it may look devastating on mobile as we have gone through multiple such scenarios. Don’t kill your online mobile presence.

Improve the responsiveness of a website. Some of the ecommerce platforms have built-in feature i.e. Magento. Hire ecommerce developer in case you are not sure how to do it. In case, you already have the team, sit with your web designer and front end guy and fix responsiveness issues, as this can make or break your website branding.

User-friendly navigation is another factor crucial for keeping the user on the website through mobile device. User must be able to access main menu, product pages, links, CTAs etc. easily. User retention rate describes the user purchasing behavior, if the navigation is pathetic, there is no chance of converting a visitor to a paying customer.

3 Must-Have Ways for Improving Mobile Conversions

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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

A Good Mobile UI Is About Delivering the Relevant Information

Mobile App Development  ...

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ecommerce shipping tips

How Can I Strategize Shipping Better?

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Putting in a proper shipping strategy is a tough job because it involves multiple teams i.e. marketing, sales, fulfillment, and all the teams in between.

Merchants use strategic shipping to stand out from their competition. In this blog, we will walk you through ecommerce shipping strategy that works.

Right team, right goals

Hire right people for the job or assemble team of potential stakeholders. You may not know in the beginning but you need homework. Here is a rough detail. Marketing, web design and development, fulfillment, customer service, - all must be aligned with shipping department.

Hire Shopify experts or hire Magento experts in case of outsourcing.

Once you know the roles of the teams, you are in a better position to set goals. There could be several goals such as: increasing conversions, increasing average order value (AOV), expanding market or audience, improving operations, cutting costs etc.

Shipping solutions and options

While thinking of strategies in the Shopify development (or Magento development), do consider three factors. First, product size and weight. Second, shipping destinations. Third, shipping options.

Size and weight

If the products you are selling are in uniformity, then go with per item zone based approach. Here, price will vary only because of the customer location. And not by the product size and weight.

You can offer a promotion i.e. free shipping over $50 purchase.

In case, your product sizes and weight varies, ask directly from your carriers i.e. DHL, UPS etc. They can better tell and that way you can ensure best price for your customers.


They are as important as the product dimensions themselves. For domestic shipping, keep flat rate or free shipping. Set rates based on the zones, increase rates as you radiate out of your zone.

Rates can vary a lot even in the neighboring country. So better to consult international carriers.

Shipping options

Free in-store pickup, same day delivery and free shipping are some of the options. Look beyond big names, you will find innumerable options offering the same quality services.

In major cities, you can easily find a local courier service for quicker delivery. Also, they offer competitive rates....

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How Can I Build an Email List of Subscribers Before Launching a Shopify Product?

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Preparing an email list of subscribers before launching a product is a wise move. In fact, in the recent past, we have seen many such successful products. Through emails, you can get the feedback before actually the product into the market.

We can say, testifying product over email is not a bad idea. Rather, it may help in improving some of the features you are in doubt.

Also, email marketing may help in the conversion of customers. Or an input source for soon-to-be-customers. Customers are the best critics; they can better tell what should be part of the product.

Here is the list of some tactics for the growth of ecommerce sales via an email list.

Start with the giveaways

For rapid growth of subscribers, try hosting giveaways in email marketing. Why giveaways? People love free stuff, and before launching a product, giving free products is a plus.

Offer deadline driven giveaways for the cultivation of urgency and spread of word. To get more virility, partner with influencers as they are a great source of branding.

If your product isn’t ready, you can leverage through your partner’s product prizes.

Filter the list of people who actually are interested into your business

A lot of people may get attracted simply because you are offering a free stuff that means, you may attract many just for the sake of free stuff.

In order to filter only the ones interested in your business, prepare an email and send it to the list of giveaway people. You may face subscription rate really high. But that’s okay. This way you know who you will target in future.

Build a ‘coming soon’ as landing page

As your full website design and development may consume time, till then you can build a simple coming soon page. That page may contain a field of email and a ‘subscribe’ call to action.

This way you can collect emails of potential customers.

Referral reward program

Along with coming soon landing page, you can go with the second page of referral reward program, which you can also use in email marketing. There you can have a shareable link. More people subscribe to that link, the entrant will earn more points or bigger prize.

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ecommerce marketing trends in 2019

3 Ecommerce Marketing Trends to Watch Out in 2019

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One fact is true for sure i.e. the way you do marketing today may not cause any effect tomorrow but it pays off. Especially if you planned considering your target audience.

In 2019, you may hear about more implications of artificial intelligence, virtual reality and influencer marketing in ecommerce marketing trends. Although, we witnessed such applications in 2018 but the changes will be vibrant.

Anyways, in the upcoming year consider following ecommerce marketing trends.

Website performance and speed

Speedy website will act as an extension of SEO and user experience in digital marketing. Edwin Toonen shared a fact in 2017 that ‘an average speed mobile landing page consumes in 22 seconds’. This is in comparison to 3 seconds whether a user wants the website services or not.

Page speed is not just important for SEO but it improves UX and overall user experience.

And do you know Google has made the page speed the ranking factor in its SERPs? Well ranked websites are progressive and have accelerated mobile apps.

Work on all aspects of the user journey, and speed is the core.

Voice search, virtual assistants

We have seen a strong presence of virtual assistants in 2018 and the trend will be evident in 2019 too.

CEO of Baidu, the big search engine in China predicted in 2014 that in the upcoming five years half of the search will be made through images or speech.

Stats also tell us that there are greater search queries through voice rather than text. Marketers need optimization of this feature in the products they’re promoting.

Mobile advertising, pay per click (PPC ads)

Mobile advertising isn’t new. Marketers are working on mobile site optimization, responsiveness, and mobile apps for the last few years.

Potential of mobile advertising is huge, so in the year 2019, you should be heavily investing in pay per click ads for mobile devices.

Do you know there are around 1.2 billion internet users in the world? And half of the PPC conversions come through mobiles.  ...

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6 Free Web Design Tools for Beginners

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Everyone has an opinion on web design when it comes under discussion because design is subjective. It takes only 50 milliseconds for a user to decide if he will trust a website or not. Also, if they like it, they will stay, otherwise they will leave.

We know some free web design tools for beginners to try and implement. Some of them may seem a bit complex.

1- Free logo design tool – Logo Lab

You can put your designed logos to test with the help of this tool. Upload a logo and there will be different visual variations. This tool looks into scalability, balance and silhouette.

2- Color guidebook – Werner’s Nomenclature of Colors

Color guidebook was originally developed in the 18th century and revamped in the 19th century by Patrick Syme, a Scottish painter. Get any color from 110 colors as outlined in the original guide for web design.

3- Projects’ screen saver – Drafta

Project screens are organized as site tree navigation in this tool. Draft a website sitemap, upload project screens in different states and resolutions. Get a feedback from a client, colleague or a boss by simply sharing a single link. A one-stop web design solution.

4- You don’t need a WordPress

A tool from which you can design through Google Docs. Tables, colors, shapes etc. can be customized through the tool and it will automatically reflect in the blog post. Hosting is theirs, you just need Google Drive Account.

5- Mobile app tool – Galio

It is a complete framework for making a full mobile application. The tool is handy because a complete mobile app can be done in just few minutes. There are pre-made templates, ready-to-use features and components make design and development of mobile app easy. Rom user interface kit, you can use different blocks on a single page.

6- Chat app – Chatkit

Integrate a chat function into your mobile app. You can build in-app user messaging experiences. Keep your users engaged by chatting with them, live and in proper context.

How Often Should i Redesign or Recreate My Website

Is UX of Your Website Destroying Conversion Rate?

Hire Web Design Expert   ...

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3 Must-Have Ways for Improving Mobile Conversions

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In the year 2017, it was brought into the notice of marketers that out of 69% mobile generated traffic only 20% converted. In a recent Black Friday, largest or giant ecommerce retailers have narrowed the gap for mobile conversions.

Ecommerce websites have a lot of design and code issues. Hire web designer for professional services. As an ecommerce merchant of small or medium-sized company, you should understand that the mobile conversion gap should be decreased.

Content optimization for mobile screens

If an experience designed on the desktop screen is moved to the mobile screen, there are changes that squeezing doesn’t look good. Content must act responsive or optimized for new mobile orientation. There is no room for poor experience in the customer purchase journey.

Don’t go for resizing the ecommerce website for a mobile screen. Redo the mobile ecommerce altogether differently.

Simply replicating the desktop categories and features on mobile screen may not replicate or adapt well.

Visual navigation for effective product display

Humans are mainly responsive and visual. They take 3-5 seconds for processing the headlines and images. Headline take 3 seconds and an image takes 13 milliseconds. Written and imagery content are processed in different parts of the brain. Images trigger stronger emotional responses.

Navigation based on tapping and swiping on images can improve greatly by improving on the design.

Reduce number of checkout step, go for ‘one-tap-buy’

Critical part of the user journey is, he or she has to enter the data. Example, registration or login screens, and multiple checkout steps. Try offering lesser number of buying steps.

The checkout has the biggest impact on user buying. It’s difficult for a user to enter credit card details. However, there is a solution ‘one tap buy’ like, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay etc. The feature has transformed the shopping experience as there is no need for entering billing, shipping or credit card details as all the details are there in user phone wallet.

Is UX of Your Website Destroying Conversion Rate?

Some Design Ideas for Mobile App Menus

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