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ecommerce marketing trends in 2019

3 Ecommerce Marketing Trends to Watch Out in 2019

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One fact is true for sure i.e. the way you do marketing today may not cause any effect tomorrow but it pays off. Especially if you planned considering your target audience.

In 2019, you may hear about more implications of artificial intelligence, virtual reality and influencer marketing in ecommerce marketing trends. Although, we witnessed such applications in 2018 but the changes will be vibrant.

Anyways, in the upcoming year consider following ecommerce marketing trends.

Website performance and speed

Speedy website will act as an extension of SEO and user experience in digital marketing. Edwin Toonen shared a fact in 2017 that ‘an average speed mobile landing page consumes in 22 seconds’. This is in comparison to 3 seconds whether a user wants the website services or not.

Page speed is not just important for SEO but it improves UX and overall user experience.

And do you know Google has made the page speed the ranking factor in its SERPs? Well ranked websites are progressive and have accelerated mobile apps.

Work on all aspects of the user journey, and speed is the core.

Voice search, virtual assistants

We have seen a strong presence of virtual assistants in 2018 and the trend will be evident in 2019 too.

CEO of Baidu, the big search engine in China predicted in 2014 that in the upcoming five years half of the search will be made through images or speech.

Stats also tell us that there are greater search queries through voice rather than text. Marketers need optimization of this feature in the products they’re promoting.

Mobile advertising, pay per click (PPC ads)

Mobile advertising isn’t new. Marketers are working on mobile site optimization, responsiveness, and mobile apps for the last few years.

Potential of mobile advertising is huge, so in the year 2019, you should be heavily investing in pay per click ads for mobile devices.

Do you know there are around 1.2 billion internet users in the world? And half of the PPC conversions come through mobiles.  ...

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6 Free Web Design Tools for Beginners

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Everyone has an opinion on web design when it comes under discussion because design is subjective. It takes only 50 milliseconds for a user to decide if he will trust a website or not. Also, if they like it, they will stay, otherwise they will leave.

We know some free web design tools for beginners to try and implement. Some of them may seem a bit complex.

1- Free logo design tool – Logo Lab

You can put your designed logos to test with the help of this tool. Upload a logo and there will be different visual variations. This tool looks into scalability, balance and silhouette.

2- Color guidebook – Werner’s Nomenclature of Colors

Color guidebook was originally developed in the 18th century and revamped in the 19th century by Patrick Syme, a Scottish painter. Get any color from 110 colors as outlined in the original guide for web design.

3- Projects’ screen saver – Drafta

Project screens are organized as site tree navigation in this tool. Draft a website sitemap, upload project screens in different states and resolutions. Get a feedback from a client, colleague or a boss by simply sharing a single link. A one-stop web design solution.

4- You don’t need a WordPress

A tool from which you can design through Google Docs. Tables, colors, shapes etc. can be customized through the tool and it will automatically reflect in the blog post. Hosting is theirs, you just need Google Drive Account.

5- Mobile app tool – Galio

It is a complete framework for making a full mobile application. The tool is handy because a complete mobile app can be done in just few minutes. There are pre-made templates, ready-to-use features and components make design and development of mobile app easy. Rom user interface kit, you can use different blocks on a single page.

6- Chat app – Chatkit

Integrate a chat function into your mobile app. You can build in-app user messaging experiences. Keep your users engaged by chatting with them, live and in proper context.

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Hire Web Design Expert   ...

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3 Must-Have Ways for Improving Mobile Conversions

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In the year 2017, it was brought into the notice of marketers that out of 69% mobile generated traffic only 20% converted. In a recent Black Friday, largest or giant ecommerce retailers have narrowed the gap for mobile conversions.

Ecommerce websites have a lot of design and code issues. Hire web designer for professional services. As an ecommerce merchant of small or medium-sized company, you should understand that the mobile conversion gap should be decreased.

Content optimization for mobile screens

If an experience designed on the desktop screen is moved to the mobile screen, there are changes that squeezing doesn’t look good. Content must act responsive or optimized for new mobile orientation. There is no room for poor experience in the customer purchase journey.

Don’t go for resizing the ecommerce website for a mobile screen. Redo the mobile ecommerce altogether differently.

Simply replicating the desktop categories and features on mobile screen may not replicate or adapt well.

Visual navigation for effective product display

Humans are mainly responsive and visual. They take 3-5 seconds for processing the headlines and images. Headline take 3 seconds and an image takes 13 milliseconds. Written and imagery content are processed in different parts of the brain. Images trigger stronger emotional responses.

Navigation based on tapping and swiping on images can improve greatly by improving on the design.

Reduce number of checkout step, go for ‘one-tap-buy’

Critical part of the user journey is, he or she has to enter the data. Example, registration or login screens, and multiple checkout steps. Try offering lesser number of buying steps.

The checkout has the biggest impact on user buying. It’s difficult for a user to enter credit card details. However, there is a solution ‘one tap buy’ like, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay etc. The feature has transformed the shopping experience as there is no need for entering billing, shipping or credit card details as all the details are there in user phone wallet.

Is UX of Your Website Destroying Conversion Rate?

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Tips for Making Small Business Website Effective in No Time ...

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Magento website

5 Quick Tips for Making the Most Out of Magento Website

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Magento is the most popular online ecommerce platform powering Magento ecommerce stores online. The number of users and the size of the merchants have increased over time ever since 2008.

Unlike any other platform, Magento ecommerce website needs improvement. Let’s share some useful tips in improving Magento website.

Tip # 1 Performance, slow websites make customers leave early from the purchase cycle

Slow websites mean low conversion rate. Removing the number of extensions from the codebase will reduce the complexity. Thus directly impacting the speed of the website. Performance or speed is something every merchant should stay keen.

While Magento is a user-friendly and feature packed but in terms of performance there are certain loopholes. Hire Magento developers for resolving performance issues.

Tip # 2 Add customer reviews, forms, and testimonials

Leverage from the feature of user-generated content. Facilitate user in a way that he or she could share their experience by writing reviews, case studies, testimonials or even filling the forms.

Encouraging real customers for posting reviews, will add a transparent layer and will show an honest opinion. Mostly customers with positive reviews are the ‘returning customers’. When they post a review, they actively think of the product and also think of purchasing again.

Tip # 3 Custom branding is handy in Magento websites

Magento ecommerce platform offers customized themes. If you have a website on Magento and doesn’t have branding factor.

Find a theme which really speaks about your product/service.

Tip # 4 Go for product alert notifications

For monitoring customer behavior, product alert notification is one of the powerful ways of driving ecommerce sales.

By using this feature, you can send new product release notifications to your existing customer base.

Tip # 5 Frequently update your inventory

Nothing is as bad as a stagnant website. An active website depicts that certain product is selling hot and is trending. So, update your website whenever there is a need.

Magento makes adding new products inventory easy. So, seek the benefit of this feature and keep Magento website updated from time to time.

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3 Simple Ways to Generate More Backlinks, More Traffic

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Building backlinks for a Shopify store or any other ecommerce store take time but the results are long term. We have seen a lot of ecommerce store owners spending on optimizing PPC campaigns for Google and Facebook ad campaigns, and pay little attention towards back linking and SEO marketing.

When you set up your very first PPC campaign and receive two to three orders overnight, you start experimenting with targeting ads and more. In this process, you spend more than you actually earn. Don’t get into the head rush.

We suggest a complete SEO marketing strategy and not just relying on paid campaigns. You can only achieve optimal results with a combination of organic and inorganic marketing tactics.

SEO backlinks can help in strengthening website authority in Google search. Let’s learn 4 simple ways of generating backlinks for Shopify store.

1- Guest blogging

One of the strongest ways of inbound marketing is fetching the follow links from authority websites. Bloggers love having writers on-board. However, not every blog operates the same in terms of traffic and the rules of publishing. There are top-tier blogs which publish work of someone having some sort of skills or command over the topic.

Bloggers of medium or low tier categories publish content of new writers or accept posts from outsiders just to keep their blogs updated with fresh content. Google like new/unique content.

Make sure the blogs you pick for guest blogging are relevant for your Shopify store. In Google search bar, add the keyword + ‘write for us’. All the related blogs will appear in the searches.

2- Get your products reviewed

Ask bloggers for your products’ review. Reach out to popular bloggers and ask them for the review. Maybe send them few samples of your products so that they can actually share review based on experience.

To get started, search for the blogs in your niche. Check out current blog posts of the authors and comment i.e. engage. Spend some time and know about the popular authors.

3- Prepare creative yet engaging infographics

You may have witnessed some killer infographics over the period of time-related to what you are selling. Try designing some. And submit over infographics directories.

Infographics are easy-to-understand pieces for general audiences, and for people who don’t prefer reading much of a content online. When choosing topics for the audience, stay relevant....

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Google Campaign Power Tips for Black Friday Sales

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Holiday season is the time when consumers flock onto the websites and purchase gifts online. The time period of 6-8 weeks is crucial for online merchants.

And this isn’t surprising that 40-50% of the annual sales are made through Black Friday sales or holiday season sales. When consumers start searching or shopping online, 35% of them take Google search. And 52% clicks come from Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs).

This percentage is no wonder as Google shopping is heading forward with a breakneck speed. More and more customers are clicking on Google PLAs than going to brand websites or searching on an Amazon store.

Here are some Google campaign tips for Black Friday sales.

Tip #1 Footing of your Google campaign for Black Friday Sales is the ‘product feed’

What’s this? It’s simply a feed which contains your products according to the specifications of Google which is submitted on Google Merchant Center. The strength of your product feed is key determining factor if you appear in search results for Black Friday sales or not. So, don’t miss out on specifications while submission.

Tip #2 Optimize your product titles and descriptions

When you are launching your shopping campaign, you don’t go for selecting keywords and then rank products. Rather your PLAs can influence the keywords. You may not have time for reworking on the whole feed, but you can surely update titles and descriptions. Add important keywords in titles and descriptions, and be descriptive without being spammy.

Tip #3 Look out for product disapprovals

It may happen because of many reasons such as an issue with the image on the product page. The rate of product disapprovals is 10-15% normally. This is devastating if this is happening on your top selling products which are part of Black Friday sales.

Tip #4 Bid separately for each product

Very rare is the case we see bidding for a group of products. You can see the aggregate data but won’t see how each product is performing. Look which one of the products are high performers and which ones are not right....

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Your Ecommerce Store Must Have a Membership Offering for Customer Retention

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Anyone running an ecommerce store knows it well that acquiring new customers is an uphill task and it also requires a lot of money. Shopify extensions or Magento extensions are of real help and are easy-to-integrate.

Acquiring new customers at the very start of the business is quite understandable. But if you keep spending the same amount of money after 1-2 years of your store launch, rethink. Try retaining old customers.

Primary advantage of old customers is that they require little effort and money for traction. In order to meet your sales’ goals, try using the membership or subscription plugin feature.

Amount spend on acquiring new customer is relatively higher than the amount spend on retaining the old customers. Hire Shopify experts for in-store features integration and a marketing expert for running campaigns.

Seasonal sales, email marketing and retargeting Google ads are some ways of keeping the customers engage but they don’t guarantee customer loyalty.

Here’s a suggestion.

Use membership feature for customer loyalty

Loyalty programs or membership is not a new thing. Ecommerce store owners are practicing this thing for so long. However, there needs to be a proper plan for execution. Apart from offering recurring discounts, there are many ways of making the membership feature viable.

Memberships have become a sure-fire way for predicting revenues of an ecommerce store. A customer who signs up for membership (free or paid) get exclusive membership discounts on any purchase, exclusive access to brand new items, and even expert consultations from the industry.

This feature offers a whole new experience to a customer and in return, a business can expect steady and predictable growth.

What’s in it for me?

This the very first question of a customer when he signs up for a membership. Visitors who think of signing up must feel excited and eager for the sign-up.

List down all the benefits in one place

If you are offering multiple or single membership plan, try listing down all features at one place. Use charts and plain text as it’s easy-to-read. See the example below.

Hire Shopify expert for Shopify extensions integration or for all your ecommerce store woes and for marketing opt professional services.  ...

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website redesign

How Often Should I Redesign or Recreate My Website?

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A common mistake almost every second entrepreneur does is, developing a new website and ignoring it for the next 5-10 years.

If a website is not updated, it will poorly affect business. There are innumerable business owners who are willing to spend on marketing campaigns but reluctant on website redesign.

A website is an extension of your business, bear in mind. Although there is no timeline about how often should you think of website redesign but you should think of it at least after a 2-3 years. But if you feel like there is a feature upgrade, the process could be on-going.

Does your website talk to customers?

A website if not at-a-glance friendly that means user may find it hard to navigate. Examine website if the consumer is getting the information for what he is searching. If a visitor won’t navigate through your website in 5 seconds, he will lose interest. Hire web designer if you want a professional and updated website.

Ask if your website still working for you?

Are you getting the right amount of traffic? Are your customers giving response or not? What is the bounce rate of a website? If it’s increasing, then it’s an indication that you should update or go for web design option.

Is it Outdated?

Are there new trends that are used by everyone for user experience? Compare if your website is meeting the demand. Also if your marketing doesn’t match with your website logo and scheme, it’s time for a change.

Is it mobile friendly?

A website must have mobile friendly version. If a user opens a website on mobile and gets a badly structured or we can say layout of design elements, he will leave forever. Google thinks of this fact, the same way.

Is your content out of context or wrong?

Often a website contact details change or other information. It must be right there on a website. Moreover, make your content look relevant on the web pages while website redesign process.

Is the speed of web pages slow?

Slow loading of web pages affects negatively on a website performance. Slow websites usually have high bounce rate and low retention rates....

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How to Add Product Review Extension on a Shopify Store?

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Ecommerce website acts more like a ‘salesperson’ and if you have product reviews on it, customers / visitors trust and buy more.

According to a survey (Bright Local), 85% of the consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. And, 49% consumers need at least a 4-star rating before they decide of choosing a product for purchase.

If you are looking for a way of adding more credibility to your Shopify store, go for adding product review extension. Hire Shopify experts or hire Shopify developers for getting the services done. They can help you in customization of Shopify theme too.

Reviews are a great way of seeing a ‘real-life’ experiences of the shoppers. Customers can learn about the product and see for themselves if the product is right for them or not.

‘Adding reviews to an ecommerce website need more commitment rather than just changing the settings.’

Get customer reviews by preparing solid plans

There are many ways of achieving first-hand real reviews from customers. Follow up emails is one of the ways, you can send them manually or automate them.

Adding handwritten or printed notes while shipping the products. It adds a personal feel. Outreach potential customers via social media. Ask customers to leave reviews in newsletters or marketing emails.

How to add a product review?

Variety of apps are there for product reviews. Shopify has in-built product review app, which you can explore. You can add an extension for your Shopify store and it’s for free. Naive at handling coding thing? Contact experts.

Good thing about this app is, it automatically adds the aggregate score in Google search results of the store. It also supports Google microdata (also named as ‘rich snippet’).

Here’s how you can add product reviews on the product pages.


Step 1: Go to Shopify Admin, click online store > themes.

Step 2: Select theme, click actions > edit code.

Step 3: Open ‘product-template.liquid’ in the ‘sections’ directory.

Step 4: Choose the space or an area where you want your product review code to appear. Usually, it’s recommended under product description. Find product description by searching {{ product.description }} liquid tag.

Step 5: Below the product description liquid tag, paste the following snippet:

Your code will look like this:

Click save.


Step 1: Open Shopify App, tap ‘store’.

Step 2: Pick ‘sales channel’ section and tap on to ‘online store’.

Step 3: Click ‘manage themes’.

Step 4: Select theme, click actions > edit code.

Step 5: Open ‘product-template.liquid’ in the ‘sections’ directory.

Step 6: Choose the space or an area where you want your product review code to appear. Usually, it’s recommended under product description. Find product description by searching {{ product.description }} liquid tag.

Step 7: Below the product description liquid tag, paste the following snippet:

Your code will look like this:

Click save....

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Beat Your Competition and Boost Your Sales This Holiday Season, Here’s How?

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Festive spirit is brewing and Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Mondays are just around the corner. You can implement marketing strategies for capitalizing on Black Friday sales.

Ecommerce giants like Amazon steal most of the Black Friday sales. To counter this, small brands or businesses should proactively prepare their plans for the holiday season.

There are really good opportunities for brands of all sorts during the festive / holiday season of the year. Just three things, take the mobile approach, use alternative payment methods and know the ‘timing’ i.e. the primary time slots during the shopping week.

Put mobile first, people browse more on smart devices these days

Sale in the year 2017 was 26 times more than the previous year over the mobile phone. This shows that more and more people are browsing brand services or Black Friday sales on their mobile devices.

Take it this way, ‘where there is a mobile, there is a sale opportunity’. There is no better way of testing the potential of your products/services during Black Friday or Cyber Monday, if they testify the market or not. Also, you will get great insight if you try improving your mobile brand presence.

Make sure the UX, payment options and the speed on mobile are working fine. Try to make it as seamless as your desktop version.

Don’t miss out on timings on Black Fridays

Tapping on the timings of the shoppers will help you in conversion a lot. Shoppers usually don’t buy in the daytime and as per the survey, the purchasers are more active in the evening. Research data over the internet has shown us that 10 pm to 11 pm EST is the time of high purchase on Black Fridays.

Also, there is another spike i.e. 9 pm to 11 pm EST on Cyber Mondays.

Offer more flexible payment options

Websites or mobile versions of them, if offer more of payment options, this tends shoppers buy with ease. Limited payments options may not help you earn sales the way you want them.

Also, if a user opts for payment on longer terms or on installments. That’s another way of getting the customers around.


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