Challenges Magento Can Solve for an Ecommerce Store

Indeed, Magento is the much sought after and popular CMS framework which is being used in every other ecommerce website. One can build a complete ecommerce store by using Magento frameworks as they are flexible, agile, and easy to scale. In the last couple of years, we have witnessed many ‘plug and play’ sort of ecommerce solutions. Yet Magento remains the top priority for building ecommerce stores. So what makes it favorite for the ecommerce industry. Let’s find out.

Open Source Platform

Magento is a free open source platform with open source license. Due to open source feature of this framework, it’s readily available for ecommerce website development. And, widely used by developers to craft assorted functions based commercial websites. Highly adaptable and endless modification options, is what makes it popular amongst the developers’ community. This platform offers robust performance and enhanced security because of the open source tools.

Flexible and Responsive

To inculcate features and advance methodologies, there are number of ways or extensions available at the Magento platform, and some are for free. High flexibility offered by Magento makes customization highly easy for shopping carts, online product catalogs etc. More and more ecommerce businesses are offering their mobile versions of the main website. Mainly because of the scalability factor. Responsive mobile apps response rates are equally better, even sometimes better than the website itself.

Single Backend, Multiple Web Storefronts

In order to offer uniform shopping experience to the customers, multiple web storefronts can be administered via powerful Magento development features. Integration with third party is easy with Magento like CRMS, CMS, payment systems, etc. as the platform ensures reliable data transfer.

Smooth Navigation, In-built SEO Optimization

Clutter free navigation is also the promise of the Magento development framework. Though ecommerce websites, in case big ones, have large data sets, it’s often confusing for customer to move from one navigation to another but fortunately, that is not the case with Magento ecommerce store development. Magento has in-built marketing tools such as SEO optimization which ensures the user if he has enough URLs, sitemaps, meta tags, meta descriptions and the focus keyword placement.

Seamless Checkout Option

A customer can avail a single checkout option for all products added into the cart. There is no need to checkout through varying number of steps. This seamless checkout option is another reason why Magento is the most opted platform for ecommerce website development.

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