Choose the Right Marketing Channel for an Ecommerce Business

ecommerce marketing channels

Marketing doesn’t follow any formula, rather you must try a lot of mix and match of direct and indirect marketing channels for driving traffic and sales for an ecommerce business.

You have many options of marketing channels and it’s just a matter of time that you can climb the ladder of success. How? Find which platform best serves your business cause/purpose.

Build a Website First

Probably, you will be inclined towards free marketing channels i.e. social media. But believe it or not, developing a website is something which pays really good. Now the case is how?

If you set up a business on any other marketing channel for business promotion, visibility and reach, what the point? There must be a website where all of your customers can go and check all of your products. Potential customers don’t convert with first interaction.

A website provides ample opportunities for a customer to convert. Leads can better be handled over the websites. They build trust too, as a website is a place where a client/customer can actually see the contact details like numbers, addresses, emails etc. also testimonials and reviews.

Go for Free-and-Easy Marketing Channels

After website development, now is the time for free and immediate channels for marketing.

Social media is the ultimate answer here. You can’t get any reasonable traffic than the social media especially if you want viral products/posts.

Get listed on directories like Google My Business, Google Maps, Yelp and the niche specific directories.

Thirdly, build relationships with influencers as they are building blocks for penetrating into the market easily.

Blogging, SEO, Video Publishing

These three are free but not so easy for making the marketing happen. Simply because every second digital marketer is adopting these channels. However, that doesn’t mean you skip any of them.

Blogging will help you get into the searches as a user searches for a related term. People search online and that’s how they find blogs of their need.

SEO is another organic method but it takes time. It is part of blogging, as SEO without quality blogs is impossible. With time, your valuable blogs with SEO will pay off.

Video publishing is another free channel for marketing. Though this channel too consumes time but you don’t need to hire a professional video maker or even need a fancy camera.

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