How to create business intelligence (BI) strategy for your business?

Business intelligence strategy is used for operating businesses efficiently. BI gives comprehensive and data-driven solutions in order to define a clear roadmap.

From AI to data solutions, there could be many BI tools which could be used to achieve 100 percent success rate.

You should know different parameters to prepare a business intelligence strategy.

Know your data sources


Data is the bloodline of BI strategy. A business should have a comprehensive strategy regarding how to collect and analyze data. For data manipulation, big data tools could be used.


Big data could help in recognizing which of the data sources are reliable. Once you know, you can easily predict your market and target audience in order to prepare business workflows.

Data warehouses, a single source data repository

Find a data warehousing solution which could store, curate and analyze data. Cloud-based data warehouse solution is recommended as it not only prevents cost on the infrastructure but saves effort.

Data security

A cloud-based solution is no doubt efficient but it brings along a lot of risks as it could be hacked. Many technology companies are using cloud because there is no need for physical data storage but cloud-based data storage is prone to hack.

Do prepare a vigilant data security plan, which would then be part of the BI strategy overall.

Identify analytics architecture

The analytics solution in BI strategy varies. If you have extracted datasets but lack maturity of analytics process, your strategy will fail before you even know.

Seamless BI integration with already existing platforms

BI strategy for enterprise level should be flexible enough to keep the already running platforms smooth. Internally created formats of information and systems should integrate effortlessly with new BI strategy.

Reporting mechanism should be easy to understand

Most of the end users for whom the BI strategy is being prepared don’t understand data until it is a simple visualization. The most important question here is if the devised strategy is easy-to-get?

A strategy should have intelligent data for reporting which could be measured and analyzed otherwise even BI tools won’t be of any use.

Business intelligence strategies on average fails. Reason behind is the inappropriate utilization of data sources or misinterpretation of data analytics. Failure can be caused by complex reporting mechanism which isn’t easy to interpret.

BI strategy is comprehensive and involves a lot of steps, and we’ve discussed the mainstream.

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