Some Design Ideas for Mobile App Menus

Users rely on menus for search of content and features. Menus are so crucial that you will find them on every website and mobile app you open. However, they are not developed or designed the same way.

Often we face issues with menu because some part of it is confusing or misleading. Such menus where user finds it hard to manipulate a piece of information are not encouraging in mobile app design trends.

The most difficult thing in designing desktop and mobile apps is the navigation. That is the reason why, you must seek some inspiration on mobile menu design ideas.

Hidden navigation menu for saving mobile screen space

Resolve limited screen space issues through hamburger menus. Don’t worry about the information placement when you have a scrollable drawer hidden under menu.

A/B testing, and interaction theories clearly state that if the menus are visible and clear, we can expect more engagement and user conversions.

Hamburger menu along with most relevant navigation in the menu is a good practice. Many apps are shifting from core hamburger menu to important navigation tabs display.

Tabs for rapid switching, menu display on feed scrolling

YouTube adopted this practice. There is a hidden menu but it has tabs for rapid switching. However, there are ways in which the menu can disappear if it’s not in use of a user. The tab bar can stay hidden when a user is scrolling the mobile feed.

And, if the user starts moving upwards, the tab bar can appear again as a user tries getting upwards, he may need the menu for navigation.

Visual cues direct users

There are some universal icons which users recognize and use in common. For example, search, email, print etc. But such icons are limited and rare. So when a designer uses difficult icons in terms of user understanding and hides a functionality under it, it becomes hard for a user to interpret.

Avoid using internal jargons and playing smart with menus. Stick with the terminology and describe content and features through menus.


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