Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Miss in 2019

Digital marketing is evolving which includes SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, PPC campaigns and more. There was a time when artificial intelligence was considered not more than a stunt inspired from science fiction film. Now time has changed.

AI, chatbots, influencer marketing, video marketing, retargeting and social messaging apps are some of the top digital marketing trends of 2019.

Artificial Intelligence

Monitor your customer search patterns and the behavior by using AI. The technology utilizes data from social platforms and blogs in order to help businesses understand their target audience.

Example, Facebook messenger chatbots help in optimization and automation of customer service.

Gartner shared a stat that 25% of the customer service will be delivered through chatbots by 2020 which was 2% in 2017.

Voice Search 

Use of voice search and voice commands is increasing year after another. Even we have seen that voice search is giving more authority to mobile users for accessing the information online.

Unlike usual searches where if a user makes a search query he is provided with multiple page options. In voice search case, only few and relevant answers will be opened. What does that mean for a digital space? Simple, optimization of content as per voice searches.

Here the tip is, publish the content which solves user queries. Prepare voice search keywords for digital marketing and social media marketing campaigns.

Integrating Interactive Chatbots

Chatbots are using text, voice and messaging altogether for providing services to the consumers long before virtual reality. According to some estimates, 1.4 billion people are interacting with chatbots for customer service.

Also, by 2022, stats suggest $8 billion per year savings for businesses. This means, there is no need for adding a team for customer support when businesses will have fully integrated interactive chatbots in hand.

And customers prefer interaction with chatbots because they give a prompt reply, show accurate buying history and never lose patience.

Uber uses chatbots for customers for making ride booking easy. Through chatbots, they can book a ride from Google maps, Facebook messenger or via Slack.

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