Your Ecommerce Store Must Have a Membership Offering for Customer Retention

Anyone running an ecommerce store knows it well that acquiring new customers is an uphill task and it also requires a lot of money. Shopify extensions or Magento extensions are of real help and are easy-to-integrate.

Acquiring new customers at the very start of the business is quite understandable. But if you keep spending the same amount of money after 1-2 years of your store launch, rethink. Try retaining old customers.

Primary advantage of old customers is that they require little effort and money for traction. In order to meet your sales’ goals, try using the membership or subscription plugin feature.

Amount spend on acquiring new customer is relatively higher than the amount spend on retaining the old customers. Hire Shopify experts for in-store features integration and a marketing expert for running campaigns.

Seasonal sales, email marketing and retargeting Google ads are some ways of keeping the customers engage but they don’t guarantee customer loyalty.

Here’s a suggestion.

Use membership feature for customer loyalty

Loyalty programs or membership is not a new thing. Ecommerce store owners are practicing this thing for so long. However, there needs to be a proper plan for execution. Apart from offering recurring discounts, there are many ways of making the membership feature viable.

Memberships have become a sure-fire way for predicting revenues of an ecommerce store. A customer who signs up for membership (free or paid) get exclusive membership discounts on any purchase, exclusive access to brand new items, and even expert consultations from the industry.

This feature offers a whole new experience to a customer and in return, a business can expect steady and predictable growth.

What’s in it for me?

This the very first question of a customer when he signs up for a membership. Visitors who think of signing up must feel excited and eager for the sign-up.

List down all the benefits in one place

If you are offering multiple or single membership plan, try listing down all features at one place. Use charts and plain text as it’s easy-to-read. See the example below.

Hire Shopify expert for Shopify extensions integration or for all your ecommerce store woes and for marketing opt professional services.  

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