Email Marketing: Top 9 Hacks to Improve Your Click Through Rates

Are your emails getting low click-through rates? Isn’t it more like a challenge to get people to open and read your emails? It doesn’t need to be that hard. You are about to learn how to get your emails opened, read and clicked.

Email marketing has the highest ROI in comparison to other marketing methods. Also, ROI is like one of the benchmark analytics which tells us the success rate of our email campaigns.

According to email marketing gold, for every $1 dollar spent, there is 40$ return on investment. Yes, that’s a big number.

Just answer this question.

Which one of the emails would you open, a corporate email or an email from a friend?

Easy to pick, isn’t it?

Problem is, when you’re emailing to a list of people, you think you’re addressing to a huge crowd or act like massive corporate marketing department.

Your subscribers will look forward to your emails when you start behaving like a friend.

Why? Because people trust their friends.

Tone down your corporate tone and be realistic and minimalist in your design approach.


Some tips which could help in better crafting your emails are:

1-Don’t address to subscribers, rather make it personal. Write your email as If you’re talking to one particular person.

2-Never waste your customer time, if you don’t have anything of value to say, no need to roll out an email.

3-Use actual name and address, when you add your real name and address, it not only gives personal feel but also puts your reputation at stake. That’s how you build trust.

4-Give reward for reading, make your emails useful as they can add value. A useful tip or solving a user’s pain point is good.

5-Add CTAs (call to actions), but that doesn’t mean to add 10-20 links in an email. Add sensibly 2-3 are fine. Give user a direction to perform.

6-Use power words in the subject line, though adjectives may give a spammy look but they attract emotions of a user to click and read.

7-Keep your emails short, lengthy emails often drop interest of the reader and he may not scroll down to read it completely. Make it short, crisp and purpose oriented.

8-Avoid automating greetings part, personalizing greetings every time you send an email makes it look less robotic.

9-Use ‘you’ word, do you know it is one of the most persuasive words in the English dictionary.

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